There’s a new public event in Warzone 2 Resurgence games and Data Heist tasks players with stealing enemy intel from uplinks in the area.

Players will need to complete 3 downloads during Data Heist public events to complete the Path of the Ronin Loyalty (Chu Gi) challenge.

Alternatively, you may prefer to complete the challenge by getting Operator Revenge Kills in MW2.

Check out how to complete all Path of the Ronin challenges to unlock a free weapon!

What Is Data Heist in Warzone 2?

Data Heist is a new Public Event exclusive to Ashika Island Resurgence mode where a trio of hackable uplink stations activate around the map.

Players can initiate a hack at an uplink station, and protect the download from Shadow Company AI forces to speed up the hacking process, in order to earn rewards.

If enemies get too close to the Uplink (AI or other players), the hack will report Interference (slowed progress) or Blocked (temporarily stopped) until the enemies are eliminated or leave the area.

Warzone 2 Data Heist Public Event
Data Heists will begin at the start of the second circle collapse in Ashika Island Resurgence modes.

Once the Data Heist hack is complete, players will receive cash, XP, and Tactical Equipment to help their squad on the battlefield.

These events only appear during the second circle collapse, around 5 minutes into a Resurgence game.

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Where to Find Data Heist Public Event

Once the second circle begins to collapse, a ‘Data Heist Started’ notification will appear on your screen. At this point, check the map and you’ll see a yellow dotted circle.

Data Heist Location in Warzone 2
Data Heists Appear Inside the Yellow Dotted Circle

Also on your screen, just below the minimap, you’ll see a Data Heist icon with a circle around it slowly emptying.

This is how long you have to complete the public event before it comes to an end.

Data Heist Icon in Warzone
Data Heist Countdown Timer

Get inside the circle and head towards one of the three Wi-Fi symbols that appear (Yellow, Blue, or Red are all the same).

Here, you can interact with the uplink to begin hacking it.

How to Complete a Data Heist Download in Warzone 2

First, interact with the Uplink (Square / X / F) to begin the download. Then, take cover and gear up as Shadow Company AI soldiers will begin converging on your position.

How to Complete Data Heist in Warzone 2 Resurgence
Credit: StickFPS Guides via YouTube

Eliminate all nearby enemies from cover as they will temporarily halt the Data Heist’s progression. The same goes for real players who may see your Heist and attempt to stop it.

You can also take over an ongoing Data Heist by interacting with another player’s Uplink. However, be aware that they’re probably in the area defending it so be sure to eliminate them first.

Complete Data Heist Warzone 2 Take Data
Credit: StickFPS Guides via YouTube

Once the bar on the right side of the screen has filled all the way and reports Status Complete, interact with the Uplink once more to Take Data and complete the Data Heist public event.

All Data Heist Rewards in Warzone 2

Warzone 2 Resurgence players will receive the following rewards for completing a Data Heist public event:

  • 4x $2400 Cash Piles ($9600)
  • Tactical Equipment
  • XP

Completing multiple Data Heist downloads in a single game will also reward teams with a Killstreak, such as a Precision Airstrike or Advanced UAV!

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