New proof that Warzone 2 has bugs regarding damage dealt and TTK surfaces, courtesy of some in-depth testing by JackFrags.

Warzone 2 has been a breath of fresh air for the Battle Royale genre, but its damage seems to be rather inconsistent.

We’re sure that more than a few readers will agree that there are times where it feels like you go down in the blink of an eye, while your enemy seems to shrug off bullets.

Warzone 2

After encountering some rather suspect moments in his Warzone 2 gameplay, YouTuber JackFrags has attempted to replicate the more extreme examples of inconsistent TTK, with conclusive results.

Are One-Shot-Kill Sniper Headshots Possible in Warzone 2?

No, assuming an enemy has 3 plates and full health, it shouldn’t be possible to one-shot-kill or down an enemy, even with a headshot from a heavy sniper. No matter what build you’re running, Infinity Ward’s weapon balancing indicates that it will always take 2 shots minimum to eliminate a player.

However, as many players will have noticed, sometimes it is possible to take out an Operator with a single headshot, despite all evidence pointing to the contrary.

Warzone 2 Sniper Headshot Before and After
Warzone 2 Sniper Headshot One-Shot-Killed a 3-Plated Target

In some clear, new footage, JackFrags shows a clip of an enemy player doing just that to him, despite the YouTuber having the maximum possible health and plates.

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But in testing, Jack wasn’t able to replicate the experience, even at far closer ranges. No matter what build of sniper he used, or which ammunition was in the chamber, his testing partner Hadz refused to go down from the Victus XMR bullet.

Testing was done without Perks of any kind too, to prevent any sort of outside interference from Warzone 2’s notoriously buggy Perk system.

Breaking 3 Plates with a Sniper Headshot
Warzone 2 Sniper Is Unable to Down an Enemy in One Shot

This seems to be strong evidence to suggest that damage is inconsistent in Warzone 2. And JackFrags believes that it could be down to your client thinking you’ve fully plated, but the server believing you’re not at maximum armor.

Are There Critical Hits in Warzone 2 Melee?

In a new clip, JackFrags seems to either prove that there’s a hidden Critical Hit mechanic in Warzone 2’s melee system, or that the damage is bugged.

In testing, the YouTuber was able to replicate an issue where it was possible to down a 2-plate enemy with two hits, despite melee strikes usually not doing enough damage.

Another key moment that JackFrags wanted to investigate was a time when he had the drop on an enemy and engaged them with multiple shots from close range.

Warzone 2 Melee Breaking Plates
2 Melee Attacks Should Break 2 Plates But Not Down the Enemy

However, that enemy was able to down him in a couple of melee strikes, despite 2 armor plates usually being enough to survive the encounter.

For clarity, the enemy was also using a suppressor, meaning that they weren’t running a muzzle attachment that offers bonus melee damage.

In testing, Jack discovered that by all accounts, 2 melee hits should not be enough to eliminate a 2-plated player. This was true no matter where on the body the strikes connected.

Warzone 2 Melee Kill
Sometimes 2 Hits Will Insta-Kill a 2-plated Enemy

However, after multiple tests, the YouTuber was successfully able to replicate the 2-hit-kill, proving one of the following things:

  1. Warzone 2 damage is broken and inconsistent
  2. The game sometimes incorrectly registers how many armor plates a player has
  3. Or Warzone 2’s melee has a secret Critical Hit feature

Regardless of the answer, it’s clear that Infinity Ward has some bugs to straighten out before the Battle Royale is fully functional.

Thankfully, a major update is about to drop for Warzone 2.0, and it’ll hopefully make some major improvements across the board. At the very least, it’s fixing Warzone’s most Pay to Win skin issue.

Many thanks to JackFrags for sharing his findings, check out his full video testing process below:

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