Players hoping to speed up the interact process in Warzone 2 may want to consider turning on the Contextual Tap setting.

There are a number of different settings in Warzone 2 that players can toggle to fit their preferred playstyle.

One such option worth altering is Prioritize Interact (also referred to as Contextual Tap). This will significantly improve your overall ability in Warzone 2 and is very easy to turn on.

You should also consider checking out the other best settings on consoles to improve your Warzone 2 and MW2 experience.

How to Switch Contextual Tap On in Warzone 2

To turn the Contextual Tap on in Warzone 2, you’ll need to head to Settings, then Controller, scroll down until you reach the Interact / Reload Behavior option, and then switch that to Prioritize Interact.

For more detailed instructions, continue reading:

  • Press the Options button (PlayStation), Menu button (Xbox), or ESC (PC) to open up the main menu.
  • Scroll (R1 on consoles, just click it on PC) to the Settings tab – it looks like a cogwheel.
  • Then select Controller from the list of options.
  • Head down to the bottom of the Controller settings until you reach Gameplay.
  • Find Interact/Realod Behavior (near the bottom) and select it (X on PlayStation, A on Xbox, and click it on PC).
  • Switch it to Prioritize Interact.

While it’s a fairly buried feature, switching this on will make your Warzone 2 experience significantly easier as it simplifies the process of picking up guns, ammo, and more.

What Does Contextual Tap Mean in Warzone 2?

Players who switch on Contextual Tap (aka Prioritize Interact) will tap the interact button (Square on PlayStation, X on Xbox, and E on PC) to interact and hold to reload.

You use the interact button to pick up guns, ammo, and open doors. Doing those actions quicker by simply tapping the interact button is a priority in Warzone 2.

This is in stark contrast to MW2, where reloading is a far greater priority, as in most modes, you only really interact with doors.

It is worth keeping in mind that you share settings across both MW2 and Warzone 2. So, if you’re switching between them regularly, make sure to change the Interact/Reload Behavior setting each time.

a trunk in Warzone 2 that can be interacted with

Of course, now that you’ll have this handy feature enabled, you’ll be able to pick up loot far easier!

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