When people dive into the water in Warzone 2 it can be extremely tough to see them swimming away, often being a great way to escape from gunfire.

The water in Al Mazrah can be pretty dark offering little to no visibility when trying to shoot at another opponent.

However, this recently discovered glitch has completely removed the water allowing the player to easily kill another operator!

Water Removed From River in Warzone 2

Reddit user “A_W1ld_Gazelle” has encountered a strange bug in Warzone 2. This glitch has taken away all the water from the river, allowing him to accurately shoot and kill another player.

In the clip posted to Reddit, the enemy killed can be seen performing the swimming animation despite there being no water to swim in.

It is not clear how this bug happened but it appears to be a rendering issue. Since the other player is swimming, it would also seem as if this glitch happened one way.

If the water had accurately loaded in, perhaps the killed enemy could have escaped. Potentially going on to win the game with their squad.

Warzone 2 bugs have been popping up a lot more recently. Multiple of these issues have let players get eliminated quicker than they should be, including this record-time Warzone 2 death!

It would be interesting to know if the water loaded in on the killcam as if it didn’t they may have thought the Reddit user was hacking.

Warzone 2 soldiers swimming through water tunnel

This wouldn’t be the only instance of graphics loading differently for players in Warzone 2. Smoke Grenades also have issues rendering for gamers.

This tactical will often only work one way making them one of the best pieces of equipment to use in the Battle Royale. Of course, there are other benefits to using them as well!

However, not every bug in Warzone 2 will leave you frustrated with the game. This hilarious glitch has brought Harry Potter to the Warzone universe!

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