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Warzone 2 Player Earns “Fastest Death in Warzone History” World Record Thanks to Bug

The aim of Battle Royale games like Warzone 2 is to usually become the last person or team standing. However, a game-breaking new bug is killing players before the game even starts.

Reddit user “ForeverInBlueJeanz” has seemingly earned the world record for the “fastest death in Warzone history” by dying to a grenade inside the dropoff plane during the intro cutscene.

During the video, players watch as the Warzone 2 plane comes into view and fades into a shot of the player’s operator.

While the operator is onscreen, a grenade icon appears as well. This icon usually only appears when an operator is dangerously close to a live grenade. Since the game hadn’t started, there was no reason for this icon to appear.

As the player’s operator walks down the plane, an explosion suddenly sets off and eliminates the player. Ending their Warzone 2 match before it had even begun.

You can see the fastest death in Warzone 2 playout in the Reddit post below:

Some players quickly commented on the post and noted that a semtex grenade doesn’t even carry enough firepower to immediately down a player.

So it’s interesting that a grenade could take down this player. There is also nothing the player could do to prevent this. Players do not have control over their operators during this sequence.

It also showed that the intro cinematic is an in-game event that happens in real-time. The player themselves noted this was unavoidable and commented, “All you can do is laugh sometimes.”

This may be a funny occurrence, but it’s sadly something Warzone 2 players aren’t even surprised with anymore. At least this glitch happened before the game actually started.

Other bugs transport players mid-game and completely ruin their chance of winning. One player even experienced a bug that flew them across the map in the final circle, forcing them to lose the match.

Similar to the video above, another player was thrown out of the plane shortly after the cutscene but before they could reach the island:

Thankfully, Raven Software has assured players that huge changes are coming to Warzone 2 in Season 2. Some of these changes stem from the original Warzone experience. The 1v1 Gulag returns alongside the old looting system of Warzone Caldera.

The Warzone 2 economy is also receiving an overhaul. Hopefully, all these changes will come with some updates to the ongoing bug issues in Al Mazrah.

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