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Warzone 2 Bug Accidentally Brings Back Familiar Gameplay Mechanic

Warzone 2 players have encountered a bug that allows them to shoot other players while parachuting into Al Mazrah from the plane. To many, this is a familiar mechanic that they used to use in the original Warzone.

The bug itself is simple. While the player drops and parachutes to their location of choice, they can also put away their parachute to bring out their pistol.

This allows players to shoot at other players while dropping and potentially eliminate them before they can touch the ground.

Many players from the original Warzone formed a love-hate relationship with this mechanic. This is because it was fun at times, but getting killed in mid-air is also frustrating before you have a chance to land.

It could be a bug, but it could also be a mechanic that Raven Software intends to bring back to Warzone 2. Lately, Raven revealed that a few old mechanics from Warzone Verdnask would return to Warzone 2.

This includes the return of the 1v1 Gulag format and the original loot drops from enemies. Raven Software also revealed that the Warzone 2 economy would receive an overhaul to balance some of the items better.

So it wouldn’t be too surprising to see other old mechanics return.

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From the post, it’s already clear that the community is divided about this parachute mechanic returning to Warzone 2.

Many players commented “no,” while others were excited about the possible return of eliminating other players before they could touch the ground.

One player did mention that this was possible due to how close the player was to a building. They mentioned that if a player drops near a building, it’ll trigger their pistol to reveal.

Although, it doesn’t seem consistent enough to be used frequently.

It’ll be interesting to see if this is a bug or if it’s something Raven Software has planned to reveal with their Season 2 plans for Warzone 2.

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