Warzone 2 players are still experiencing major audio issues that leave them unable to hear enemy footsteps, ziplines, or parachutes.

The game’s community is in an uproar over broken audio and they’re demanding that Raven Software must fix matters immediately.

When Warzone 1 was still Activision’s main product, complaints about its audio were all too common. However Warzone 2’s issues seem to outweigh even its predecessor’s.

In a clip from Reddit user Only_CORE, we see a clear example of broken audio, where an enemy Operator is able to zipline up behind the player without a sound.

Of course, the zipline makes plenty of noise in the killcam, but the nearby victim simply isn’t able to hear it. Early on in Warzone 2’s lifespan, footstep audio faced similar issues where players were left unaware of sprinting enemies.

Thankfully, Warzone 2’s best audio settings let you hear footsteps without too much issue.

In another example of missing audio, user rinorsusuri has an enemy land directly on them and down them near-instantaneously without hearing any noise from the parachute.

This one could be more of an issue with Warzone 2’s insanely low TTK than anything, but an audio queue could have helped the player survive the attack.

When using some of Warzone 2’s best weapons that offer an insanely fast Time to Kill, players can eliminate an enemy before they can react. When partnered with a lack of audio, a low TTK is only going to lead to more camping from the playerbase if users want to ensure they’re not instantly taken down.

Unfortunately, Activision is yet to acknowledge the remaining Warzone 2 audio issues whatsoever. In fact, audio doesn’t even appear on the Warzone 2 Trello Board as one of the company’s known issues.

There was an update on November 22 that aimed to fix issues with directional audio and audio occlusion. But shortly after the patch, fans reported that the sound design was still as spotty as prior to the update.

And with many players dying to unheard enemies, it’s no wonder that Warzone 2’s player count is dropping in 2023.

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