Warzone 2 players are becoming frustrated with the constant AI bot (AQ Soliders) issues they are coming across in Al Mazrah.

Many have taken to social media to showcase their squad, running into groups of 20 bots simultaneously. This is almost an impossible challenge to overcome if caught unaware by the bots.

20 AI bots shooting at players is a guaranteed trip to the Gulag, and something many players believe has no place in a battle royale.

Since their introduction to Warzone 2, AI bots have been a controversial topic in Al Mazrah.

Some players believe a battle royale shouldn’t have enemies that aren’t other players, while some think their addition brought new life to Warzone 2.

Regardless of what players think, it’s obvious that players should not be put at a huge disadvantage when facing these AI bots.

It’s already difficult enough getting randomly thrown out of the plane before the match even begins. Or even finding players using the Cargo Truck as a submarine.

Warzone 2 AQ Soldiers Are Becoming Overpowered

In the Reddit post below, the swarm of 20 AI bots seems to appear out of nowhere and leaves the players no time to respond.

In this other instance, the player has enough cover to survive the encounter but still has to use a considerable amount of resources.

Potential AQ Soldier Nerfs

Some players commented on these posts and offered advice to Infinity Ward regarding the changes we could see in Season 2 to help balance out the AI.

Reddit user zKilla352 highlighted some changes that could help:

  • AI bots should die from the gas from the Circle Collapse.
  • AI bots should only appear in Strongholds and Black Sites.
  • Infinity Ward should balance the AI bot’s accuracy.
  • The final Circle Collapse should remove all ai bots from Al Mazrah.
  • Players should be able to take down AI bots as quickly as other players. There is no reason they should take more melee hits or bullets.

These are just a few of the changes players request, but many of them want AI bots removed from Warzone 2 battle royale altogether.

It wouldn’t be too strange if Raven Software did choose to remove them since they’ve already backtracked on a few other mechanics.

The Gulag is returning to a 1v1 format in Season 2 alongside the return of dropped loot from enemies. Raven Software also confirmed that the Warzone 2 economy is receiving a balancing update to improve the cash influx and Buy Station prices.