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Warzone 2 Black Site Locations, Rewards & How to Get a Key

There are 7 Black Site Locations that can be found in the following areas:

  • Rohan Oil
  • Al Mazrah City
  • Mawizeh Marshlands
  • Ahkdar Village
  • Sawah Village
  • Al Malik Airport
  • Sariff Bay
Al Mazrah Black Site Locations
All possible Black Site spawn locations in Warzone 2 Al Mazrah

Where Is a Black Site Most Likely to Spawn?

The most likely spawn for a Black Site in Warzone 2 is the Post Office in Al Mazrah City. This is likely because it’s one of the Black Sites closest to the center of the map.

Quite a few other Black Sites are at the edge, and by the time a Stronghold spawns, it’s possible that the Circle Collapse has already enveloped them.

This means it’s likely to see a Black Site spawn open up in the Post Office because it is so close to Al Mazrah City.

Post Office Black Site

Unfortunately, Al Mazrah City is one of the hottest drops in Warzone 2. If you’re looking to stock up early in the game, it’s always a good idea to land in one of Al Mazrah’s best drops.

How Many Black Sites Spawn in a Match?

Only one Black Site spawns in Warzone 2 per match. The only way to access the Black Site is to be the first team to clear out a Stronghold and retrieve the Black Site Key.

Only one Black Site Key spawns per game. This means you won’t receive a key if you’re not the first team to clear out a Stronghold.

It’s good to know where every Stronghold spawn location in Warzone 2 is to plan your drop accordingly.

What is a Black Site in Warzone 2?

A Black Site is a more challenging version of a Stronghold with better rewards and more heavily armored AI enemies, including a Juggernaut. It is only accessible by obtaining a Black Site key and can be found on your map by following the fortress with a key icon.

Black Site Sawah Village

Black Sites are only found in Warzone 2 Battle Royale modes. There are no Black Sites in DMZ. They’re similar to Strongholds because to earn the rewards, and you need to clear out all the AI enemies and finish one main objective.

A Black Site is more challenging because it features stronger and more heavily armored enemies, including a Juggernaut.

Players may also find other players camping around the area since getting a Black Site key is difficult, but they can be stolen from other players.

How to Get Black Site Key in Warzone 2

The only way to gain entry to a Black Site is to complete a Stronghold objective and obtain the key from there. Only one key spawns per match for the first player or group to clear a Stronghold.

This means that the first team to defuse the bomb inside of a Stronghold successfully is awarded a Black Site key. Once the bomb is defused, the Black Site Key will drop right in front of it, alongside the Loadout.

Warzone 2 Black Site Key

To complete a Stronghold, you must wait until it spawns shortly before the first Circle Collapse.

  1. Strongholds spawn 10 seconds before the first Circle Collapse. Once they have spawned, they’ll appear in every player’s Tac-Map.
    • 5 Strongholds will spawn
    • A prompt will appear that says “Strongholds Open” to inform all players that they can now access them.
  2. Once a Stronghold has spawned, you’ll need to reach its location quickly since only the first team to clear it is awarded a Black Site Key.
  3. When you reach the Stronghold, you’ll see a prompt to breach the door. Interact with it to start storming the Stronghold.
  4. A prompt will appear to “Defuse Explosive.” The Stronghold will have heavily armored AI and even a few Riot Shield users.
  5. Once you clear the Stronghold, you’ll see a Black Site Key spawn directly in front of where the bomb was located alongside your other rewards.
  6. A prompt will appear stating you’ve defused the bomb, and a new one saying “Collect Key” will appear.
  7. Interact with the Black Site Key to pick it up to spawn the Black Site on your Tac-Map.

There is no way to access a Black Site without a key in Warzone 2. Although, you can steal a Black Site Key or even raid a Black Site while an enemy team is already inside. Always check enemy players’ backpacks near Strongholds.

You can loot a key out of their backpack if they have a key.

There are no other ways to obtain a Black Site key in Warzone 2 either. Other players can also wait until you clear the Stronghold and push you.

So it’s always smart to move around Stronghold spawns with care.

How to Complete a Black Site in Warzone 2

To complete a Black Site in Warzone 2, you must first retrieve the Black Site Key from being the first team to defuse the bomb inside of a Stronghold. Once you have the key, you can head to the Black Site and unlock the door.

From there, you will need to eliminate the Juggernaut and all AQ soldiers in the Black Site. Once you have eliminated the Juggernaut, you can then collect your rewards.

Here are the full steps to complete a Black Site:

  1. Defuse the bomb inside the Stronghold.
    • After the bomb is defused, players can find a Black Site Key near the bomb is located.
      • If the Black Site Key does not spawn, another team may have defused a bomb first.
      • A Black Site Key is only awarded to the FIRST player or group that defuses the Stronghold bomb.
      • Only one player can pick up the Black Site Key and use it to open the Black Site.
Disarm Explosive
  1. Collect the Black Site Key.
    • Pick up the Black Site Key that spawned before the defused bomb.
    • The Black Site Key always spawns alongside the Loadout Drop.
Collect Key Warzone 2
  1. Head to the Black Site and unlock the door with the key.
    • A Black Site will spawn on your map after you pick up the key.
    • Head to the location indicated on your Tac-Map. It’ll be a more study fortress icon.
    • Only the team that has the Black Site Key can see this objective on their map.
    • The player who has the Black Site Key must use it to open up the Black Site. Once one door is open, all the other doors will also open up.
Unlock Black Site
  1. Eliminate the Juggernaut and clear out the Black Site.
    • Once players open the Black Site, a high-value target appears as a Juggernaut.
    • Players must eliminate the Juggernaut and clear out the other enemy AI. A green skull ping always marks the Juggernaut.
    • This can be incredibly difficult due to the amount of heavily armored enemies. Ensure your squad has plenty of lethal and tactical grenades to clear out and disorient enemies.
    • It’s always best to engage the Black Site from one of the lower floors. This allows players to be near the exit in case they are overwhelmed, or their teammates go down and need a revive.
Eliminate Juggernaut
  1. Collect all of your rewards.
    • Once you have eliminated the Juggernaut, you’ll get a prompt highlighting your completion of the Black Site.
    • Collect your rewards from the Juggernaut’s body.

Check out this video of Metal Bloo clearing out a Warzone 2 Black Site to see what’s in store for you at every step:

Possible Warzone 2 Black Site Rewards

Finding a Black Site and defeating the Juggernaut leads to the best rewards in Warzone 2. Here is what you may find after clearing out a Black Site:

  • Advanced UAV
  • Large Backpacks
  • Durable Gas Mask
  • Multiple Killstreaks
  • Minigun
  • Armor & Munitions Boxes
  • Self-Revive Kit or Revive Pistol
  • Phantom’s Call Vaznev-9K Blueprint

Reaching a Black Site is one of the more difficult challenges in Warzone 2. The only thing more difficult is completing the Champion’s Contract and dropping a nuke in Al Mazrah.

Warzone 2 Black Site Blueprint

Upon completing a Black Site in Warzone 2 for the first time, the player to down the Juggernaut will receive a Phantom’s Call Blueprint for the Vaznev-9K.

The blueprint is viewable in your Gunsmith 2.0 once the Warzone 2 match has concluded. You do not need to obtain victory to receive the blueprint.

Players will not receive a notification stating they’ve been rewarded the blueprint. Only the player who defeated the Juggernaut and got the final shot receives the blueprint.

Phantom's Call Vaznev 9K

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