According to Warzone expert and content creator JGOD, the best Optic in Warzone 2 is the SZ Holotherm sight.

This sight works like a standard holographic sight but it doubles up as a thermal scope with the push of a button, making it a great counter to the smoke grenade meta.

If you’re looking for longshot kills or you’re setting up position in the final zone, the SZ Holotherm Optic discovery is about to change your Warzone 2 experience.

By pressing down the left analog stick, players can toggle between the regular sight and a special thermal view that’s capable of seeing enemies through any non-solid cover.

Best Optic in Warzone 2 - SZ Holotherm

But what makes the SZ Holotherm even stronger is that it can even spot players using Cold Blooded with its thermal sight, something that is likely to be a bug.

And while it’ll probably get a fix eventually, for now that makes this powerful sight even better in the Battle Royale. That said, Cold-Blooded is one of the worst Perks to run in Warzone 2 right now.

How to Unlock the SZ Holotherm Optic

To unlock the SZ Holotherm Optic, players need to level up the PDSW 582 to Level 12. The SMG itself is unlocked at Rank 5 so most players should already have their hands on it.

Here’s the fastest way to level up guns in Warzone 2 & MW2, so you can get hold of the best Optic in the game.

How to Unlock the SZ Holotherm Sight

After that, stick the SZ Holotherm on one of Warzone 2’s most meta loadouts and shred the competition – even through smoke!

Right now, the RPK is dominating the Battle Royale, thanks to its incredible kill power, large magazine size, and lack of recoil. And with this new Optic, it’ll make getting your Warzone Victories easy.

Check out JGOD‘s full video on the incredible Warzone 2 Optic below where he encourages players to try it before it gets a nerf:

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