If you’ve been two-shot killed by a hip-fired magnum build in Warzone 2, then it was probably this overpowered Basilisk loadout.

Lately, this ridiculously powerful gun has been making the rounds in Solos and Duos lobbies, though it’s not as viable when fighting larger squads.

However, up close it’s even better than many of Warzone 2’s shotgun and SMG options.

Warzone 2 Best Hip-fire Basilisk Loadout

AttachmentTuningHow to Unlock
10.5″ FTAC Arrow (Barrel)-0.50 ↓
+0.37 →
Basilisk Level 27
Bryson Match Grade (Trigger Action)-0.01 ↓
-0.10 ←
Basilisk Level 20
Revo-LSD 7MW (Laser)-0.50 ↓
+0.00 →
Basilisk Level 11
.500 Snakeshot (Ammunition)Basilisk Level 26
S0 R0-99 Grip (Rear Grip)-1.00 ↓
-0.45 ←
Basilisk Level 21
Is this loadout helpful?

With help from this fast-killing loadout, streamer Metaphor recently smashed the Warzone 2 Solos World Record.

Warzone 2 Best Hipfire Basilisk Loadout
Credit: Metaphor

Most enemies go down in two shots from the magnum, and what’s even more impressive is that you don’t need to aim down sights.

Make sure to use the Basilisk alongside one of the Warzone 2’s strongest assault rifles, such as the ISO Hemlock or TAQ-56.

Check out the weapon in action in this 47-kill record-shattering game:

This Warzone 2 Basilisk is an incredibly powerful hip-fire monster, but it’s not without its drawbacks.

With just 5 bullets to use before reloading, the gun is only a good option for Solo players, or Duos at a push. And outside of close-quarters combat, you won’t want to rely on it much at all.

Instead, be sure to use one of Warzone 2’s best close-range options which are better at dealing with larger squads.

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