Following the recent reveal of Ashika Island, the newest map for Warzone 2, comparisons to past Call of Duty Battle Royale maps have been made.

While the developers have already shown off parts of the landscape, we have yet to see this map’s true scale.

Considering the size of the shipping containers, players have been able to get a reasonable idea of how big this island is.

Using this method, Warzone streamer DeffSquid created a comparison between Ashika Island and Rebirth Island. According to his graphic, it appears the upcoming map is much larger when compared to the original Resurgence location.

 Ashika Island comparison
Credit: DeffSquid

Deffsquid has also created a comparison between Fortune’s Keep and Ashika Island:

Ashika Island vs Fortune's Keep Size Comparison
Credit: Deffsquid

While not entirely accurate, it does give gamers a decent idea of what to anticipate when they enter the map.

Additionally, Call of Duty has published a new trailer for Ashika Island, allowing players to see more of the environment.

Warzone content creator JGOD has also contrasted the size of Ashika Island with every other Call of Duty Battle Royale area. He also used shipping containers to measure the map when creating his comparison.

According to his findings, Ashika Island is smaller than Fortunes Keep but larger than Rebirth Island. Here is how each map stacks up:

  1. Blackout ~ 8,234,173m^2
  2. Al Mazrah ~ 7,095,838m^2
  3. Caldera ~ 6,405,025m^2
  4. Verdansk ~ 5,835,157m^2
  5. Fortunes Keep ~ 240,790m^2
  6. Ashika Island ~ 222,002m^2
  7. Rebirth Island ~ 152,865m^2

However, it is worth noting that these are estimates and not confirmed map sizes.

The return of Resurgence is sure to get fans excited to play Warzone 2. Although, a rumored feature in Ashika Island may turn a lot of players away.

Of course, this would be bad news for Infinity Ward and Raven Software, who hope to increase the game’s players after a recent drop in players playing Warzone 2.

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