Warzone 2 Season 2 launched with its first new map and redeploy mode, Ashika Island Resurgence. Thankfully, with it comes plenty of new secrets, including the Seal Statue Easter Egg.

To solve the Seal Statue Easter Egg in Warzone 2 Ashika Island, follow this step-by-step guide below.

Feed Fish Seal Statue Warzone 2

How to Feed Fish to Seal Statue Warzone 2

  1. Find Fish on Ashika Island.
    • To find fish around Ashika Island, search for splashes around the water areas of the island.
    • When an area has fish, they’ll jump around and leaves splashes in their location. Usually, when there is one splash, a few more will follow.
Warzone 2 Splashes
  1. Go Fishing.
    • Once you’ve found the fish, you’ll need to use a lethal grenade near the area where you saw the splash. Throw the grenade, and once it triggers, you’ll see dead fish begin to surface around the area.
    • Now you can retrieve the dead fish from the water and add them to your inventory.
Warzone 2 Fish
  1. Feed the Seal Statue.
    • Once you have the fish, head to the Beach Club POI, found in the southern area of Ashika Island.
    • At the entrance of the Beach Club, facing the Town Center POI, there is a Seal Statue overlooking the area.
    • Approach the Seal Statue and interact with it using the prompt “Feed Fish.”
    • After successfully feeding the statue some fish, you’ll hear a seal noise and have a text prompt pop up saying “Arf Arf” and reward you with 50 XP.
    • After the prompt, the statue will spit out a random item for the player to use. This can range from a lethal to a kill streak. It’s completely random.
Seal Statue Location Warzone 2

This neat easter egg allows players to get free items without moving around too much. Thankfully, the Beach Club is also a great loot area, but it’s also a popular landing spot, so tread carefully.

It’s easier to deposit Sea Treasure Tokens at token machines to get plenty of free loot and even some highly sought-after killstreaks.

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