There are three ideal Landing Spots for easy wins and two perfect spots for those interested in dominating High-Kill games in Warzone 2 Resurgence.

Best Ashika Island Landing Spots For Easy Wins

Beach Club

Beach Club has everything players need for an easy Warzone 2 Resurgence win in Ashika Island. There is plenty of loot scattered around the Aquarium. Inside, players can easily find multiple Resurgence Supply Crates.

Players can even get some free loot by using the Seal Statue Easter Egg located at the entrance of the Aquarium.

There are also multiple vehicles near the Beach Club itself near the coast. Use one of these boats to gather supplies and relocate to another location quickly.

Thankfully, it’s easy to rotate around the map due to the underground tunnel entrance located just north of the Beach Club off the coast.

Here are some tips to help you navigate Beach Club:

  • The most bountiful loot is located in the Aquarium. This is the building near the Seal Statue. Try to land as close to here as possible and immediately head inside.
  • Loot as many supply crates as you can to find an SMG. You’ll likely come face-to-face with a few enemies. It’s important to have a weapon with a low TTK to take them down quickly.
  • If you find yourself overwhelmed, then try to escape to the coastline. It’s harder for players to spot you in the water; some vehicles can take you away from danger.
Warzone 2 Beach Club Landing Spot

Tsuki Castle

Tsuki Castle is perhaps one of the most active loot spots on Ashika Island. It has plenty of loot to satisfy the entire lobby and is at the map’s center.

This means that no matter where the circle ends up, Tsuki Castle will always leave you in a great position to rotate to different POI.

Even if you land on Tsuki Castle and find multiple teams in the area, you’ll find plenty of places to hide or even get a better vantage point to eliminate them.

The roofs of Tsuki Castle are great for observing the area and taking down any incoming redeployed players.

Once you’ve gathered enough cash, there is also an easy-to-reach Buy Station where players can purchase the latest Ashika Island meta weapons.

Here are some tips to help you create Tsuki Castle into a stronghold for your team:

  • The best spot to land is on the third floor of the large castle building. You’ll see it has two windows that players can enter from. This area always has a few supply crates and plenty of armor.
  • Once you’ve gathered supplies, exit through the window and climb the castle’s roof. This will help you observe the surrounding areas.
  • If you spot enemies, then you’ll find there are always various routes to flank them from.
  • Get to know the castle layout. This will separate you from other players. Knowing which corners to turn can help you turn the tides of a battle.
Tsuki Castle Landing Spot

Port Ashika

Port Ashika has everything you’d want from a loot drop. There is plenty of loot and supply crates, but it also offers incredible mobility.

It’s in the southern region of Ashika Island, meaning players have four options to move throughout the map.

Beach Club is another hot drop zone to the west with plenty of loot. If players need to head east, they’ll find the shipwreck, an area with plenty of cover for tactical battles.

To the north of Port Ashika is Tsuki Castle. Players can gear up at Port Ashika and head to Tsuki Castle to fortify themselves for the end game.

Finally, players hoping to make go of a more stealth approach can take one of the many water vehicles in the area and head into the underwater tunnel entrance directly in Port Ashika.

Here are some tips to help you use Port Ashika to lead you to a Resurgence Victory:

  • Port Ashika is great for the initial drop but not great long-term. Once you’ve grabbed the loot you need, try heading to one of the nearby POI to eliminate less prepared enemies.
  • Learn the underground tunnel system. The tunnels can make all the difference when navigating Ashika Island. Having a tunnel close to you in Port Ashika will allow you to learn it more quickly.
  • Use the vehicles around you to escape if necessary. Port Ashika has plenty of water vehicles to use. Make sure to use them when necessary.
  • The outskirts of Port Ashika have plenty of loot. Don’t neglect them simply because they’re not large buildings or Supply Crates.
  • If you find Sea Treasures Tokens, use them on the machines in the nearby gas station.
Port Ashika Land Spot

Busiest Ashika Island Landings Spots For High Kill Games

Town Center

Town Center is one of the busiest landing spots in Warzone 2 Resurgence due to its many buildings and great loot drops.

Players come here to stock up quickly on cash to purchase their loadouts. This means that it’s perfect for players looking to get high-kill games.

The Event Center Building offers plenty of engagements and rooms for players to run in and out of to confuse their enemies.

There is a gas station here that players use for the Sea Treasures Tokens, so it’s great to catch some players by surprise.

Once you’ve finished in Town Center, players can easily make their way to Tsuki Castle or Ogannikku Farms, where there is guaranteed to be at least a few squads looting.

Town Center Warzone 2

Tsuki Castle

Any player looking to break the kill record in Warzone 2 Resurgence should consider Tsuki Castle as their primary landing spot.

There are always at least two-three teams that decide to land here due to how many buildings there are. It’s the most central POI on Ashika Island. This means that no matter where the circle begins, Tsuki Castle is usually inside it.

Not to mention that once players have cleared out the castle, they’ll have quick access to Residential, Beach Club, and Port Ashika.

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