If you’ve gotten an AQ Soldier kill in Warzone 2 or DMZ and wondered what it meant, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Fortunately, we’ve broken down exactly what AQ Soldiers are, how difficult they can be and where you can find more of them to defeat.

What Are AQ Soldiers in Warzone 2 & DMZ?

AQ soldiers are members of the Al Qatala terrorist organization. It makes up the majority of MW2’s – and by extension, Warzone 2 and DMZ – villains.

They are AI-controlled enemies in every mode they appear in. So, you’ll likely face off against a lot of them at any given time.

Al Qatala soldiers in Warzone 2 walking down a street

What Happens if You Kill All of the AQ Soldiers in Warzone 2 & DMZ?

If you kill all the AQ soldiers in a Stronghold in Warzone 2, you will unlock your custom loadout. Your custom loadout will be marked on the map at the Stronghold and you will just need to collect it. You’ll also unlock a Black Site key if you’re the first team to clear the Stronghold.

If you kill all the AQ soldiers in a Black Site, you’ll unlock a permanent Weapon Blueprint and legendary items to use in that match.

Nothing happens if you manage to kill all of the AQ soldiers in an area in DMZ. They’ll just respawn via helicopter a little while later, and you can kill them again if you so desire.

What Modes Do AQ Soldiers Appear in?

You’ll encounter AQ soldiers in both Warzone 2 (across Solos, Duos, Trios, and Quads) as well as the brand-new DMZ mode.

In Warzone 2, they will only turn up in Strongholds and Black Sites, whereas in DMZ, you will see them all over the open-world map.

If you’re not sure what either of those are in Warzone 2, don’t worry. You can learn all about Strongholds and Black Sites in Warzone 2 through our detailed guide.

Are AQ Soldiers Difficult to Kill?

No, AQ soldiers are relatively easy to defeat. Because the AI in Warzone 2 isn’t particularly impressive, AQ soldiers won’t put up much of a fight.

However, some of them come heavily armored, so they’ll take a lot longer to kill. Additionally, they come in large numbers, so if you’re trying to take them on solo, you’ll likely lose.

a player shooting at an AQ soldier in Warzone 2

Of course, if you’re using one of the best guns in Warzone 2, then these AI-controlled combatants won’t stand a chance against you.

AQ Soldier Kills on Scoreboard

In Warzone 2 the scoreboard keeps a count of how many AQ soldier kills you have in a game. This is how many times you’ve killed an AI enemy.

Fortunately this is kept separate from the other kills, where you will still know exactly how many other players you’ve eliminated.

There does seem to be a current bug where in some cases the AQ soldier kills number is higher than it should be. Players have reported not firing a bullet and yet accruing these without reason.

It is likely Infinity Ward will spot this and keep us updated in the Warzone 2 Trello Board.

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