Ashika Island just got some new AI enemies and Warzone 2 fans are already complaining about their arrival.

Computer-controlled enemies have been one of the most heavily-criticized features in Warzone 2 so far, and players are unhappy to see them continue to be pushed.

On February 22, Raven Software announced that A.I. Combatants will begin spawning on Ashika Island, the new Warzone 2 Resurgence map, starting immediately.

These bots are part of the new Search & Seizure Contracts in Warzone 2, as well as the upcoming Data Heist Public Events.

So far, the reception has been overwhelmingly negative, despite the AI not actually impacting the Resurgence map all too much.

After all, the computer-controlled enemies only appear surrounding the Contract vehicle so far, making them nowhere near as intrusive as they were during the Battle Royale’s launch period.

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Warzone 2 Fans Complain About Resurgence AI Enemies

Fans were quick to voice their opinion regarding the Warzone 2 AI enemies in Ashika Island on social media. The top Twitter replies were largely negative, with many fans calling for Raven Software to revert the change immediately.

In theory, the Search & Seizure Contracts could be present without AI enemies, as it would still mean that players had to unlock a vehicle and take it to a secondary location while under fire from airstrikes.

“Can A.I. please stop being their top concern at this point?” Reddit commenter Nintendo_Pro_03 writes, in response to the announcement. “Other things need improving.”

The user’s sentiment is echoed by countless other users on the CODWarzone subreddit.

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Several users point out that the more vocal members of the community have complained about AI since launch, yet the development team continues to add more computer soldiers to the game.

Lately, Raven Software has been making a lot of changes to Warzone 2 to make it closer to the original Warzone experience. The developer has been listening to fan feedback and largely taking it into account.

But not all of the new Warzone 2 changes have been successful in Season 2. And some recent tweaks are even causing major issues in the Battle Royale!

As for whether or not Warzone 2 will continue with its plans to add more AI to Ashika Island’s Resurgence mode remains to be seen. We’ll update this article if Raven Software or Activision comments further on the issue.

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