Warzone 2 & MW2 players who are tired of the grind are starting to go AFK in the game’s DMZ mode to farm easy XP and complete the Battle Pass in no time!

Call of Duty offers players more than a few ways to grind their Battle Passes. You can play traditional Multiplayer modes in Modern Warfare 2, drop into Battle Royale in Warzone 2, or hop on Warzone Mobile and return to Verdansk!

But as it turns out, the best way to level up your Battle Pass and unlock all of its exclusive rewards might not be to play whatsoever.

That’s what fans are discovering when trying out this AFK trick in Warzone 2’s DMZ mode.

New Warzone 2 DMZ Trick: Fastest Way to Complete the Battle Pass

As it turns out, the fastest method to complete your Battle Pass might just be to put your controller down in DMZ.

Reddit user Drawable_ reports that they have successfully completed their Season 3 Battle Pass without buying any tiers. But what’s even more notable is that the user claims to have only actually played around 10 tiers worth of COD this season.

For the other 90 Battle Pass tiers, they claim that they simply went AFK (away from keyboard) in DMZ mode.

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Time spent in DMZ contributes to total XP earned, and it’s not lost upon dying in the Demilitarized Zone.

As such, loading into one Solo game of DMZ and leaving your console or PC alone will result in you earning Battle Pass progression even though you’re not actually playing.

Unlike other game modes, DMZ doesn’t kick users for lack of activity, making it an easy and reliable way to farm XP. Of course, while this wouldn’t be as fast as actually playing the game, it does allow users to passively level up, even when AFK.

And although the game mode doesn’t load users right back into a match automatically (meaning players will need to manually reset their game between rounds), it’s a surprisingly easy way to grind the Battle Pass.

Earning Tokens in MW2 Warzone 2

However, if Activision notices that a lot more players are suddenly not moving in DMZ, there’s little doubt in our minds that it’ll begin to kick immobile users very soon.

Gaming Intel can confirm that going AFK in DMZ provides approximately 1 Battle Pass token for every 30 minutes of in-game time.

Of course, there’s definitely something strange about wanting to AFK 100 tiers of Battle Pass progression at the start of a new season.

But if you’re running out of time to unlock exclusive rewards, or you’re really dying to get your hands on the Intervention in MW2 and Warzone 2, this is an easy way to ensure you finish your Battle Pass with time to spare.

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