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Warzone 2.0 Loadout Drop & AI Changes Leaked Before Release

A reliable leaker has been sharing new leaks for Warzone 2.0, including some AI and Loadout Drop changes since the COD Next reveal.

It’s been a few weeks since we first saw the gameplay of Warzone 2.0 at COD Next. While the reaction to Warzone 2 was mixed, many players are excited to see the latest Call of Duty Battle Royale game.

Of course, it’s a few months until we get to play Warzone 2.0. However, it seems that Infinity Ward is already making some major changes ahead of launch, according to a leaker.

Warzone 2.0 Helicopter

Loadout Drop, AI, & More Changes Leaked for Warzone 2 After COD Next Reveal

Hope, a reliable Call of Duty leaker, recently translated some changes coming to Warzone 2.0 according to a leak from Metaphor:

  • AI will no longer be around the map. This means you’ll only find AI within Strongholds in Warzone 2.0’s new map.
  • Loadouts and perks will be back from the original Warzone. If true, this change could be divisive to the community.
  • Loot UI found in the COD Next reveal is now gone. It’s currently unclear whether it has been changed drastically or removed. It’s likely we will have to wait for Warzone 2.0’s release date for confirmation.

Of course, Infinity Ward has yet to confirm any of these leaks. As with any leaks of any nature, we recommend taking them with a pinch of salt, in case they aren’t true.

However, Metaphor has a reliable track record for leaks, and Hope sharing it may further prove it as real. We will have to see if these leaks come to fruition.

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