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Warzone 1.33 Update Patch Notes – Reactive Blueprints Fixed

Warzone Update 1.33 is now ready to download. Check out the patch notes to see what has changed.

Raven has released an unexpected Warzone update. This is to fix a specific issue in the game.

Find out the update size and what has changed after the latest Warzone patch.

Warzone Patch

Warzone 1.33 Patch Update Size

Players can download the Warzone 1.33 update on all platforms and it is surprisingly small. Warzone players are used to huge updates that come sometimes take hours to download, but this one can be installed very quickly.

The update is 280MB on PlayStation, 800MB on Xbox, and 2GB on PC. Therefore, PlayStation players can expect a quicker download than their counterparts on other platforms.

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Warzone Squad

Warzone Patch Notes

Raven has not released the full patch notes for the Warzone 1.33 update. The only details we have come from their official Twitter account.

They tweeted that the update was the "address an issue with reactive blueprints". It is not known what the issue was but it is likely that it was to do with them not changing color at the right time.

Find out everything you need to know about reactive blueprints here.

Players had been promised that the issue with suppressors would be fixed in an upcoming Warzone hotfix. However, Raven did not not add this the Warzone 1.33 update.

warzone plane

When Will Suppressors Be Fixed in Warzone?

The Agency, GRU and Wrapped Suppressors are still not working as intended on Cold War guns after Warzone's 1.33 update. However, Raven has said when their next update will arrive, and it's soon.

Apparently, there is another patch on the way this week. This will hopefully contain the silencer hotfix that players have been waiting for.

Warzone players are also hoping the next update will bring back the standard Resurgence mode. Find out all of the reasons why players hate Resurgence Extreme.

Raven Software Twitter Warzone Update 1.33

Meanwhile, we have mode a couple of handy loadout guides to help you win in the new Warzone Season:

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