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Warzone 1.32 Patch Heavily Nerfs Games Most OP Gun

According to recent findings from a number of Call of Duty sources, Warzone’s 1.32 patch has heavily nerfed a number of attachments for some of the most OP weapons in the game.

If you’re playing Warzone and you’re discovering that your weapons aren’t feeling as powerful as they used to, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our rundown of everything that has changed in the latest Warzone 1.32 patch.

Warzone 1.32 Update Changes

According to a number of different sources, there have been some huge changes to attachments in Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War. Therefore, players will want to make some key adjustments to ensure they are getting the best bang for their buck.

Although some players are actively calling for the removal of Cold War guns in Warzone. There have been some powerful and very reliable weapons added to the game, one of which has been causing havoc.

Now, however, new changes in Warzone’s 1.32 patch have given way to huge nerfs for one of the most popular weapons in Warzone, The FFAR.

FFAR Warzone 1.32
Warzone’s FFAR

According to numerous sources, attachment descriptions are now much more accurate in terms of what they say they do, versus what they actually do.

A while ago we reported on a Warzone FFAR secret buff that made the gun an unstoppable killing machine. Now, there are some changes which need to made in order to maximise your damage output.

Here are our findings on all the new changes to the Warzone’s attachments. Furthermore, if you want to know exactly which attachments you should be using on the FFAR, check out our guide here.

Warzone 1.32 Patch Nerfs FFAR Attachments

According to a number of Call of Duty sources, there have been some serious changes, buffs, and nerfs to many attachments. Warzone’s 1.32 patch has considerably changed the way the gun attachments function.

One of the most notable nerfs in Warzone and Cold War is to the Agency Suppressor. According to sources like JGOD, the Agency Suppressor has received a huge nerf.

JGOD had this to say regarding the Agency Suppressor and its new changes:

The Agency Suppressor ruins your damage range and bullet velocity, it is terrible on Warzone and Cold War weapons right now”.

JGOD (Source: Youtube)

According to recent findings, the Agency Suppressor now decreases bullet velocity by around 33%, which is a hugely significant change. If you are running this attachment we recommend switching it up ASAP.

Furthermore, JGOD’s findings have noted a more powerful combo that Warzone players may want to try out in Warzone’s 1.32 patch. This might ensure a few more kills.

The attachment which appears to have a significant impact is the SFOD Speedgrip. According to JGOD’s findings, the SFOD speed grip appears to have the best recoil control, especially when paired with other attachments.

JGOD FFAR Attachments Warzone 1.32 patch
(Source: Youtube)

The SFOD speed grip looks to be the new key attachment for Warzone and Cold War players. When paired with the Muzzlebreak or Infantry Compensator recoil becomes very easy to control on the FFAR.

JGOD also mentions that the Task Force Barrel has received a heavy nerf. The new attachment now completely destroys your recoil and we advise you to switch this up for the SFOD Speed Grip immediately.

It appears that like last time, many Warzone barrel attachments have received hidden changes. Warzone’s 1.32 patch has considerably changed how they work in-game too.

Call of Duty: Warzone Update 1.32

As you can see, there have been many changes to the attachments in Warzone and Cold War. We recommend you switch up your loadout in order to ensure your best chance at winning a Warzone match.

There may be a surprising Warzone Verdansk Destruction event coming in the future. A leaker has revealed new details regarding the future of Verdansk.

Furthermore, Season 2 has brought with it a brand new Battle Pass full of new cosmetic items and more. Check out everything that has been revealed in the latest season.

Similarly, if you want to level up the Season 2 Battle Pass quickly, check out our guide here. You may also want to take a look for yourself at JGOD’s findings for Warzone’s 1.32 patch, you can watch the full video here.

Finally, Call of Duty 2021’s reveal date may have leaked ahead of its announcement. COD fans have a lot to be excited about with a new installment on its way.

We will continue to post updates regarding the best weapons attachments, loadouts, and more. Stay tuned for more information on Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War.

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