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Wargaming is Set to Release a New Free-to-Play FPS Called Shatterline

Wargaming’s first title in the FPS market will allegedly be called Shatterline and it’ll be completely free-to-play. 

The new free-to-play game, called Shatterline, is currently in its Alpha playtest phase according to sources that wish to remain anonymous. 

Shatterline is a first-person 8v8 multiplayer title featuring classic multiplayer gamemodes such as Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Free for All and is intended to release on the PC and current generation consoles.

The game’s art style looks similar to Apex Legends, or XDefiant, but a little more cartoonish, which is either intentional or because the game is in an Alpha stage. Incidentally, Shatterline allegedly runs on the Lumberyard Engine, which is the same engine as Amazon’s New World. 

Wargaming is Set to Release a New Free-to-Play FPS Called Shatterline

The core multiplayer experience is fast-paced and competitive. Players will pick one of eight playable characters, each with their own unique abilities.

These characters will be introduced into the game with deep lore in both in-game cinematics and game trailers. 

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Weapon customization is abundant, with every weapon having several different “modifications”, that change your weapon camo, design, and gives your weapon a specific perk.

One example shown was a medieval-looking camo on an assault rifle that give the player a 30% reduction in recoil when the player was at maximum health. Customization goes further too, with players then needing to select three out of nine attachments for their assault rifle for example. 

apex legends

Customization also includes cosmetics, with each weapon having a total of five different cosmetic options. These options include Rail Patches, Counters, Stickers, Trinkets, and Skins (Camo). 

Shatterline Gamemodes Leak – Blitz & Expedition

However, that is not all, Shatterline will also feature two co-op modes called Blitz and Expedition. 

Expedition starts off with the players being jumping out of an Osprey in the middle of the map with a pistol and a choice of either picking a primary weapon or ability (such as fast health regen).

The goal of Expedition is to complete a series of objectives scattered around the map. These objectives typically involve random waves of enemies and boss fights. 

Expedition is not a linear mode. Players are able to explore the map with the opportunity to find higher-tier gear, including armor, abilities, and weapons. 

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Expedition’s description reads: 

“Introducing Expedition Mode: co-op game mode set on a massive map with randomly generated encounters, each more challenging than the last. Stacking modifiers and AI difficulty raise the challenge as the game progresses, but player rewards also improve after each encounter. “

Blitz is Shatterline’s campaign co-op mode, which is like Expedition, but in a more traditional and linear way.

This is where the game’s story and lore will appear more directly. Cutscenes and cinematics will be present at the beginning and end of each level. 

It’s not currently clear, however, it seems there will be a boss to defeat at the end of each level. 

It seems that Blitz is a quick in-and-out experience, at around 15 minutes per level. 

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Shatterline Escort Mode Is Like Overwatch

There’s currently a fourth mode in development too, titled Escort. This mode is almost identical to Overwatch’s Payload mode, in which attackers must lead a slug-like monster to the entrance of a laboratory.

overwatch payload

I know it’s weird, but I’m not joking.

The defenders must kill all the attackers around the monster, called the Crystalline, to prevent its advance.  

It’s unclear when Wargaming will reveal Shatterline, but more playtests are coming later this month. With that in mind, we might not be waiting long. 

What’s more tantalizing is that Wargaming had filed for the SHATTERLINE trademark in December 2019. This may indicate that the game has been in development for some time. 

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Wargaming is a bad company. They treat clients and employees like dirt. They managed to alienate most of their big YTers by being dirtbags.