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Walmart Xbox Series X Restock Dropping Today – August 25

Anyone still looking for an Xbox Series X restock needs to check Walmart for a new drop later today – August 25!

If you’re still on the hunt for an Xbox Series X, we can’t blame you. After all, the next-gen consoles are still hard to find, even coming up to a year after launch.

Thankfully, we have yet another shot at the new Xbox today, August 25. According to a representative at Walmart, new Xbox Series X/S consoles will be dropping imminently.

Xbox Series X
(Source: Xbox)

But if today isn’t your day, don’t worry! We’ve got news about all upcoming Walmart drops this week right here:

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Walmart Xbox Series X Drop – August 25

It seems like Walmart has new Xbox Series X consoles up for grab with each passing week, and August 25 is the date of our next drop.

The latest Walmart Xbox Series X restock will take place today, according to new reports. A post on the Xbox Series X subreddit shows user Final_Prominence talking with a Walmart Customer Service agent.

According to the Walmart employee, there is a confirmed Xbox Series X restock taking place on August 25, though a time isn’t specified just yet.

walmart restock
(Source: Walmart)

UPDATE: Walmart’s Xbox Series X restock is now confirmed for August 25 at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET

Bear in mind, however, that it seems that Walmart is restocking consoles without shipping past orders lately. Buying a console from the major retailer might lead to a significant wait before you actually receive the device.

That said, getting an Xbox Series X eventually is always better than not getting one! And although gamers report that they’re waiting weeks for an Xbox dispatch at Walmart, it’s nice to finally secure your next-gen console.

Interestingly, it seems that Walmart has Xbox consoles to sell in-store in certain areas! Be sure to check your local store regularly to avoid disappointment.

We were promised earlier this year that the Xbox Series X/S shortage was almost over. But right now, we’re definitely beginning to question those claims.

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Comments 4



Sunday 12th of September 2021

Ordered from this drop still haven’t got it or received any updates on when it will even be shipped I won’t even be mad that I waited so long if can at least just get the the console but at this point it seems like there is no guarantees that I’ll actually get it very disappointing!

Blake Martin

Wednesday 25th of August 2021

Funny they have had multiple restocks since I place my order on July 29th and it still says preparing order/delayed!!! Walmart sucks!


Thursday 9th of September 2021

@Blake Martin,

When did yours say it was supposed to be delivered by?

I ordered my Xbox on 8/25/2021 and it says should be delivered by 9/17/2021 but I'm not gonna be shocked if it still saying "preparing" on that delivery date.


Wednesday 25th of August 2021

@Blake Martin,

Mine too. July 29th was the order date. August 19th was supposed to be the delivery date. It sucks because I had so many other chances to purchase from other retailers