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Walmart Offers Surprising Advice On Nintendo Switch OLED Pre-Order

The Nintendo Switch OLED is now officially on the market and some Walmart customers are getting some surprising advice about their pre-orders.

Nintendo’s success with its portable hybrid has been undeniable.

At first, many gamers complained about the Switch OLED, as it wasn’t the 4K refresh many expected.

Although, the console received an overwhelmingly positive reception, at least in sales.

Particularly, Sales have been so high that retailers have not been able to fulfill some pre-orders to date.

Now, some of these unfortunate gamers are getting some surprising advice from Walmart concerning their pre-orders.

Walmart Nintendo Switch OLED Customer Pre-Order Advice
Source: Nintendo

Walmart Advice On Nintendo Switch OLED Pre-Order

Without a doubt, Walmart is hardly the only retailer suffering from this situation.

Specifically, GameStop, Best Buy, and other retailers have been struggling to fulfill Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders.

Although so far none of those have provided the surprising advice Walmart provided to one of its customers in regards to their Nintendo Switch OLED pre-order.

In detail, a Walmart customer posted a conversation with the retailer’s customer care on Reddit.

There, the Walmart customer service representative advised that due to internal processing issues, the customer should cancel its Nintendo Switch OLED pending pre-order.

Ironically, the Redditor added the “Wisdom” flare to this post.

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Furthermore, it seems that the main issue is that many pre-orders are still under the “Processing” status.

Other users confirmed the aforementioned Redditor was not alone in this situation.

Furthermore, some other Walmart customers’ orders are not even in the processing stage according to some other complaints.

Also, delay notices are being relayed to some other unfortunate gamers.

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Moreover, Twitter users have stated their distaste for the circumstances.

Additionally, many customers complain of delayed pre-orders on Twitter, while new orders continue to be fulfilled.

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Hopefully, Walmart will be able to sort this situation out soon enough.

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