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Walmart Supposedly Hoarding PS5 Consoles Ahead of Huge Cyber Monday Restock

A recent video allegedly shows a massive amount of PS5 consoles at Walmart’s warehouse, hinting at a huge restock.

Console scarcity is sadly something gamers still have to deal with. The holiday season is here, and retailers are not yet able to meet PS5’s high demand.

Many stores have already started promoting Black Friday and Cyber Monday restocks and deals.

Walmart, in particular, already had its PS5 Black Friday restock with mixed results.

After this restock, a new video has emerged hinting that Walmart might be preparing an even bigger PlayStation 5 restock.

Walmart Warehouse Video PS5 Console Restock

Video Shows Thousands of PS5s at Walmart Warehouse

A video shows a huge amount of PS5 units at what is allegedly Walmart’s warehouse, hinting at a massive restock coming up!

YtNextGenGaming shared this video on Twitter. It is a short clip that shows a massive amount of PS5 consoles in a warehouse.

The clip goes on to show several pallets of both PS5 Consoles and its Digital Edition.

Walmart already announced an upcoming Walmart Plus member exclusive PS5 Cyber Monday restock.

The retailer is likely preparing stock to deliver a massive Cyber Monday drop or already ramping up for its next restock.

Additionally, it is almost certain Walmart plans additional PS5 drops for December.

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Walmart Warehouse Video PS5 Console Drop

Whichever the case, it is highly positive news to see that amount of consoles stored in a single warehouse.

Lately, Walmart has been experiencing mixed reviews with its PS5 restocks.

Its latest PS5 Black Friday event resulted in customers complaining about canceled orders.

Early November Walmart PS5 drops were particularly disappointing. The retailer had several almost consecutive drops, and none was up to customers’ expectations.

Indeed, not even this amount of units will appease PS5’s high demand. Although, it can make the upcoming Walmart restocks worth the shot.

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Salomon Salas Zarate

Sunday 28th of November 2021

Not only you have to be a paid member also you have to buy it through their resellers. I think they found a way to make even more money. You right what a joke


Sunday 28th of November 2021

U gotta be a Walmart member & pay a monthly fee to get a ps5. What a joke


Sunday 28th of November 2021

I can’t wait, This is so exciting, I’ve been waiting since I’ve been in the womb for this great day, I’m glad I was raised consumer

Jeff Gorbach

Saturday 27th of November 2021

one thing to remember - WMT has approx 10,500 stores so needs to accumulate a massive stockpile before announcing its available.