Here are the best tips for securing restocks at Walmart.

What Day of the Week Does Walmart Usually Restock Online?

Walmart doesn’t gave a day of the week that it usually restocks on, but drops tend to happen exclusively on weekdays.

What Time Does Walmart Usually Restock Online?

Walmart usually drops online restocks at around:

  • PT: 12 PM
  • MT: 1 PM
  • CT: 2 PM
  • ET: 3 PM

However, despite this being the go-to time, it’s subject to change. Luckily, the retailer usually announces upcoming restocks for high-demand products on its site or in newsletters prior to release.

How Long Do Walmart Restocks Last?

Walmart restocks will last as long as there is still stock to sell, up to around an hour. However, you’ll need to get there early if you want any shot at nabbing a high-demand item.

If you get there and Walmart is reporting Out of Stock for the item in question, we advise sticking around and refreshing the page for a while. Often, we see more stock going live

How Does Walmart’s Online Queue Work?

Walmart’s online queue system aims to offer restocks to those who got to its site early, before those who just arrived. To take advantage of the queue, you want to be first in line as soon as drops go live.

Walmart often gives customers at least an hour’s notice before putting up new stock. As such, you’ll want to be a few minutes early to the store page and refresh every few seconds until you find yourself in the queue.

Walmart Queue

Once you’re queuing, stop refreshing and wait patiently. You’ll be redirected to the correct page as soon as it’s your turn.

However, there’s an easy way to beat the system for those who come prepared.

How to Skip the Walmart Online Queue

If you get into the Walmart online queue and your wait time is still ridiculously high, there’s a faster way to get to your restock. By coming prepared with several devices (or even just several web browsers), you can enter the queue several times.

For this, you’ll need to make different Walmart accounts for each browser or device in play. Make sure to set up each one with your payment details and address in advance!

Then simply check out using the account that gets to the store page first.

Do I Need Walmart+ Membership for Restocks?

Often, Walmart will offer its members exclusive restocks, though not every drop will be members-only. What’s more, a Walmart+ free trial will not be enough to take part in most of the drops so be sure not to opt into the offer.

Walmart How to Get Walmart Plus Without Free Trial

Instead of clicking the button in the top right to start your trial, scroll down until you see the ‘Early Access’ section and select ‘Start Paid Membership‘.

Get started with your Walmart+ membership here!

We recommend signing up for 1 month of Walmart Plus ($12.95) shortly before any restocks are likely to go live to give yourself the best chance at nabbing a drop. Just be sure to cancel your membership afterwards so that you don’t

How to Check Walmart for Local Stock In-Store

The best way to check if your Walmart store has high-demand stock in-store is to go into your local retailer and inquire. When a product is incredibly popular and it’s selling out in seconds online, checking in-store is always an option.

For best results, go first thing in the morning and ask a staff member in the relevant department. Always be polite to Walmart staff for best results.

Head into your local store every day for a week and you’ve got the best possible chance at walking away with a purchase, even if stock is in incredibly short supply.

Useful Resource: Walmart Store Finder

Walmart Restock Tips & Tricks

Set Up Account & Payment Early

Whether you’ve decided to go for Walmart+ or not, you’ll need to sign up for an account and get it signed it well in advance.

Make sure both your payment and shipping details are entered so that you can purchase without having to add any details on restock day!

Walmart Site vs App

Generally, Walmart’s site is more user-friendly than its app when it comes to restocks. After all, you can refresh the site on PC and web browsers, something that’s not possible on the phone applications.

However, it’s still worth using the app in addition to your browsers as it could end up having a shorter wait time when the queue is live. Be sure to download and log into the Walmart app which you can find on your phone or tablet’s App Store.

Don’t Give Up!

As with a lot of major restockers, Walmart will often report Out of Stock after only a few minutes, as the site fills up with potential buyers. However, even if the site is displaying that it’s sold out, don’t give up!

Stay on the site longer than you’d expect, as sometimes a second wave of products will go live. Whether this is Walmart holding back stock, or simply some customers not completing their checkout, it could mean you’re in for a chance at buying.

The more people that see Out of Stock and give up, the more likely you are to be able to purchase successfully.

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