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Walmart Restock PS5 & Xbox Series X 3 Times But Consoles Sell Out

Walmart restocked PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles 3 times but still sold out.

Next-gen consoles have been sold out since they released back in November. Since then, players have been struggling to pick them up whenever a retailer gets more PS5 or Xbox stock.

While leaks suggest that Sony plans to ship millions of consoles over the next few months, there have been nowhere near that many consoles on sale yet.

The best hope players had of securing a PS5 or Xbox Series X yesterday was in one of the 3 Walmart restocks.

PS5 & Xbox Series X

Walmart PS5 & Xbox Series X Restock

Yesterday, Walmart announced that they would be doing 3 separate drops of next gen consoles. This gave fans plenty of opportunity to secure their PS5 or Xbox Series X, or so they thought.

Walmart dropped stock at 3 PM, 3:10 PM and 3:20 PM ET, yet every drop sold out almost immediately. Why they dropped in 3 separate batches is unknown, but it could be to stop resellers from buying up all of the stock.

Bots and scalpers are a huge problem for people trying to snag shiny new consoles. Stores have even started bundling every console they sell to stop bots and scalpers from buying next-gen consoles.

Other Next-gen Restocks

A number of retailers have put next-gen systems on sale over the last few days. Gamestop also had a restock of PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles yesterday.

Meanwhile, Amazon and Best Buy also did stealth drops of PS5s. However, they didn’t stay in stock for very long.

If you missed out on yesterday’s PS5 restocks, we have a handy tool that will make sure you won’t miss out again. Use our PS5 Stock Tracker to find out as soon as any major US retailer drops PS5 consoles.

While the demand for next-gen consoles is still extremely high, customers can expect to get a console soon. Sony plans to ship up to 18 million PS5 consoles this year.

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