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Walmart+ First PS5 & Xbox Series X Restock of the Year Was a Success

Walmart’s most recent Walmart+ PS5 and Xbox Series X restock ended up surprising many of its customers.

PS5 and Xbox Series X are still being distributed through sporadic restocks. Even after a whole year since launch, both consoles continue to be scarce.

The end of 2021 looked promising in regards to console availability. Many gamers celebrated getting their PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S consoles this Christmas.

Unfortunately, as many celebrated, others could not get their console even with the increase in restocks due to the holiday season.

After that busy season, Walmart is back with its first PS5, and Xbox Series X restock of the year, and it has made many of its customers happy!

Walmart+ PS5 & Xbox Series X Restock Resulted in Happy Customers – January 13

Walmart’s latest PS5 and Xbox Series X restock surprised its Walmart Plus subscribers with a vast amount of successful orders.

The retailer had been silent since its last December 13 restock. After a long absence from the console drop scene, Walmart made a triumphant return.

Notably, many customers reported that getting their console was a straightforward process. Several restocks are affected by checkout glitches and queue errors.

Fortunately, it seems these incidents were not a common occurrence during this Walmart PS5 and Xbox Series X restock.

As soon as the restock began, lucky gamers started reporting success!

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Gamers Report Successful PS5 and Xbox Series X Orders

As the restock went on, many gamers joined the celebration. Walmart implemented a queue solution, and it looks like it worked perfectly for many of its customers.

As for Xbox consoles, this restock seemed to have been quite successful. A customer claims he had purchased several consoles through Walmart drops without a hassle.

The process was so smooth for some customers that they did not even enter a queue and went directly to checkout.

As the restock ended, celebrations continued to go live on Twitter threads.

Unfortunately, not everyone was able to get their console. Some customers reported they had tried three Walmart+ Xbox Series X and PS5 restocks without success.

Some customers were pretty upset that this restock was a Walmart+ membership exclusive.

Although, not all customers were on the same boat. Some believe the membership pricing is fair for the possibility of getting your console.

In general, this was an excellent return for Walmart to the PS5 and Xbox Series X restock scene.

If you were not able to get your console, here are all the possible upcoming console drops:

If you are looking for a PS5, you can try registering for PS Direct drops. Here is how to register and get an invite email for PS Direct PS5 restocks.

Lastly, Microsoft Store also sends out invites in case you want an Xbox. Here is how you can get an Xbox Series X invite email from Microsoft Store.

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Thursday 13th of January 2022

Total bust. 9 min wait went to an additional 10, then another 10, then said wait was 00. After 30 mins of queue issues it was out of stock