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Walmart PS5 & Xbox Series X Orders Canceled After December 13 Restock

It seems that the Walmart December 13 PS5 and Xbox Series X restock wasn’t a total success, with fans getting orders canceled already.

It seems that there can’t be a Walmart PS5 or Xbox Series X restock without at least one issue cropping up. Just hours after the retailer’s December 13 restock went live, fans are reporting cancelations coming in for their orders.

There are a limited number of restocks left before the Christmas holiday, so it’s particularly devastating when your purchase gets canceled.

Thankfully, we know where to find a next-gen console before December 25:

ps5 xbox series x

Walmart Canceling PS5 & Xbox Series X Orders – December 2021

After what might have been Walmart’s final PS5 and Xbox Series X restock of the year, the retailer is reportedly canceling orders.

Even if you manage to buy a PS5 or Xbox Series X from Walmart, that’s not always the end of your console hunt. Not only is Walmart delaying next-gen orders and selling more units, but some purchases are being canceled altogether.

A number of Twitter users are already complaining about the Walmart PS5 and Xbox Series X restock on December 13, after having their orders canceled.

It seems that a fair number of December 13 orders won’t be coming home for Christmas this year. And buyers are understandably angry about that fact.

Thankfully, we do know about these next-gen restocks that should be arriving this week, just in time for the holiday:

And it looks as though Target may be the place to be this holiday season. After all, there’s evidence to suggest that a big Target PS5 restock is on the way!

But don’t forget that you can get an Xbox Series X from Target in-store today, if you’re lucky enough!

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Yani C

Thursday 16th of December 2021

Thank God I got mine through Sony. I knew how walmart would play around and I didn't have time for it. Plus I got the PS+ yrly subscription for $29.99! I would never purchase anything like this from Walmart they are full of sh*t. Sorry for those whom had their orders canceled.

Jorge casataño

Tuesday 14th of December 2021

Shpuld get a lawsyer or sttorney and have a lawsuit againts Wal-Mart and fedex. There the worse. Take your money in minutes and cancel in seconds ans sont procfe refund until 10 days after. Not fair not good. Hope you all go out of buissness


Tuesday 14th of December 2021

Ordered mine from Walmart on the 11/29 restock. It was pending for three days then shipped and arrived about 10 days earlier than the original order stated.


Tuesday 14th of December 2021

After the nightmare of getting a 3080 gpu when they first came out, I feel like getting the ps5 was relatively easy. And the xbox series x was no struggle at all thanks to the all access plan. You can literally go on best buy and get one right now with no problems.

Ulysses Q

Tuesday 14th of December 2021

Those hoping to get theirs from this restock by Christmas, it likely wasn't going to happen anyways.

Delivery date for mine is Jan 3.