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Walmart PS5 Customers Still Waiting For Delivery Update After March 14 Restock

If you purchased a PS5 from Walmart on March 14 and are still waiting for an update on its delivery, you’re not the only one.

Walmart is one of the most regular next-gen console restockers on the market right now. However, there’s a reason for its reliable drop schedule.

In the past, we’ve seen customers waiting weeks for their PS5 to finally dispatch from Walmart.

We’ve even seen more consoles go on sale before the previous batch had even shipped.

Lately, Walmart has been getting ‘better’ with its restocks, but the company still appears to be selling consoles it doesn’t have in stock.

Walmart Store
Walmart Corp.

With that in mind, buying from the retailer is basically the same as placing yourself on an extended waiting list, with a console only coming your way once it finally arrives in the Walmart warehouse.

Right now, more than a few anxious gamers are waiting for the results of their March 14 PS5 order from Walmart. Let’s just hope that the retailer doesn’t decide to cancel its PS5 sales once again.

Annoyed Walmart Customers Still Waiting for PS5 Dispatch

When Walmart went live with PS5 sales back on March 14, buyers didn’t expect to be waiting this long for their orders to ship.

Right now, seemingly dozens of PS5 hunters on the PS5restock subreddit are waiting for the results of their recent Walmart purchase.

For the last few days, users on both the East and West coast have been complaining about their orders (now placed one week ago) not even reaching the Preparing stage. Although a small percentage of commenters appear to have recently received an update from the retailer, many gamers are currently left in the dark.

walmart ps5 placed orders

The good news is that Walmart PS5 orders tend to stay on Placed until the very moment they’re On The Way, skipping the Preparing step entirely. But it’s extremely frustrating for buyers to have to wait so long for their order to finally arrive.

Thankfully, we have a lot more information on upcoming PS5 drops this week, if your Walmart order suddenly gets canceled. If you secure one, you could even cancel your Walmart purchase!

Plus there’s a new way to beat scalpers to your PS5 console with ease!

You’ll definitely want to lock in that next-gen console before these incredible PS5 games launch between March-June 2022.

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Comments 3


Sunday 27th of March 2022

Delayed shipping until May, that’s right MAY 17. Original delivery date was March 31st. Digital.

Saturday 26th of March 2022

The Digital’s are the ones that they are really delaying


Tuesday 22nd of March 2022

Ordered disc version on the 3/14 drop, it changed to preparing yesterday around noon and changed to on the way about 30 mins ago, arrival date changed to tomorrow. They're coming everybody don't panic.