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Walmart PS5 Restock Update – Customers Still Waiting for August 2021 Orders to Ship

Walmart is once again delaying its PS5 orders from shipping and customers are still waiting on dispatches from August 2021.

When it comes to finding a next-gen console, life isn’t easy. Even 10 months after the release of the PS5, Sony’s powerful device isn’t readily available anywhere on the market.

Of course, we do get a series of restocks dropping each week, but each individual resupply is still plagued with issues. Supply is short, and scalpers are still out in full force, trying to resell the consoles for a huge profit.

And while gamers believe that PS5 scalping should be illegal, very little action is being taken against malicious buyers even today. But even when you do get the chance to purchase a console, your troubles don’t end there.

walmart ps5 orders
(Source: Walmart)

Lately, it would appear that Walmart has been selling PS5 and Xbox consoles that it doesn’t have in stock. And that’s leading to some lengthy waiting times for customers.

Walmart PS5 Orders From August Still Haven’t Shipped

Customers are complaining that Walmart still hasn’t shipped their PS5 orders from August 2021 – and we’re not surprised.

Last month, we discovered that Walmart still hadn’t shipped out consoles from July 2021. By now, we can only hope those customers finally have their PS5s delivered, but others are still waiting.

It appears that Walmart PS5 orders made in early August are still not dispatched, even as we approach mid-September. Users on the PS5restock subreddit are growing impatient as they continue to wait for their next-gen consoles to even ship.

One user displays an order made on August 25 which predicts a September 17 delivery date. But not all buyers are quite as fortunate.

Reddit user ramennoodle-14 alleges that their order from August 12 is currently on schedule for an October 2 delivery.

PS5 Console
(Source: Sony)

They’re not the only buyer with an October delivery date either, and many customers are looking to other sources for their PS5 – hoping to cancel their existing Walmart order.

And you’ll definitely need that next-gen console soon, as two of Sony’s biggest upcoming titles are PS5 exclusives!

What’s more, it looks as though the new Call of Duty Vanguard is unplayable on PS4 already.

If you’re still on the hunt for a PS5, check out our lightning-fast stock trackers to get to new drops first!

Meanwhile, God of War Ragnarok is making a controversial change to Thor and fans aren’t happy…

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Thursday 16th of September 2021

I placed my order August 11th. I was given August 25th shipping date. Now it just says delayed. So frustrated.


Thursday 16th of September 2021

I ordered mine August 5th with a ship by date of 9/14. After reading this article the other day (9/13) I contacted Walmart to request an update since mine still said "placed". The rep assured me their end said "preparing" and "Rest assured it would arrive by 9/14". 10 pm comes around and it updates to "Delayed" so I call Walmart and request an update. This rep swears once again it says "preparing" on their end and I should not call them unless it does not arrive 9/15. Here we are 9/16, no PS5, still says "Delayed". Keep in mind my order never once said "prepared", it only ever said "placed" or "delayed". Idk if Walmart is blowing smoke to avoid confrontation or if they are truly not even aware of what's going on. Another thing that makes me mad is the fact that other people who ordered 9/5, 9/12 & 9/25 have had their orders fulfilled and Walmart is most likely going to do another drop today.


Wednesday 15th of September 2021

I've bought 3 console through Walmart. Aug 12th says it will arrive October 6 and my Aug 25th order will arrive September 17th... Explain that one. Still no updates on either orders. They don't even show as being prepared. It's very frustrating consider some are birthday gifts and need them on the days they say will arrive.


Wednesday 15th of September 2021

Charged and paid. Still not here. Not even shipped. Been almost 3 weeks


Wednesday 15th of September 2021

Ordered on 8/25. Scheduled delivery date is 9/17 but no updates on their website. Contacted Walmart via chat support. They said they are waiting for Sony to deliver them the consoles so that they can ship it out on 9/16 and it will be delivered to me on 9/17. I doubt this will all happen over next 2 days. So yes this confirms that they sold units they dont even have in stock.

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