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Walmart PS5 Restock Update – Orders Still Waiting To Ship

There have been various rumors about a Walmart PS5 restock happening very soon.

Walmart hasn’t restocked PS5s often compared to most major retailers.

Although both versions of the PS5 console were available in mid-December, most retailers have restocked more often and delivered the orders quicker.

When Will Walmart Restock PS5s in 2021

A rumor has been circulating online suggesting Walmart is due for a PS5 drop in the week 4th – 10th January 2020.

However, this rumor is unconfirmed and other sources point to a restock slightly later than this.

Reliable sources have confirmed a Walmart PS5 restock is on the horizon and coming in January. You can track Walmart PS5 restocks on our USA stock tracker.

However, many customers who ordered the console from the last drop on December 17th, 2020 still haven’t received theirs.

More than two weeks since the restock, countless customers are complaining on Twitter that the order is still in the ‘preparing phase’.

On the other hand, some customers have confirmed shipping for these order dates.

Many are scheduled to be delivered in mid-January 2020, almost a month after the orders.

It’s unrealistic to expect a major restock with fast delivery when the retailer struggles to fulfill the current backlog of orders from December 2020.

The lack of PS5 stock hasn’t stopped some customers illegally looking for them in Walmart.

If you are planning to buy the PS5 from a Walmart restock be sure to follow the guide below.

GUIDE: Best Way To Buy A PS5 From Walmart

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