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Walmart PS5 Restock Happening Today – November 9

This November, Walmart is undoubtedly trying to meet the PlayStation 5 demand with another PS5 restock happening today.

The PS5 scarcity is still a reality. This issue has affected gamers ever since the console was released back in 2020.

In the past few days, Walmart has tried to step it up with constant restocks. Unfortunately, many of these recent Walmart restocks ultimately disappointed customers.

This streak of disappointing drops is not stopping the retailer from trying once again.

Walmart’s November 9th PlayStation 5 Restock

Walmart announced a PS5 restock for today, November 9, starting at 3 PM ET.

This restock is open to the general public, which means that no Walmart Plus membership will be required to get a console.

Considering the number of technical issues on previous Walmart drops, we recommend that you get to their site a few minutes before the announced time.

Walmart PS5 Disc Restock November 9

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Walmart is not only restocking the Disc version. This time around, some Digital Editions will be up for grabs.

This is the perfect solution for those who want a cheaper entry point into Sony’s latest console generation.

Walmart PS5 Digital Edition Restock November 9

If Walmart is not an option, find out what other retailers may be having PS5 restocks this week (November 8-14).

Last time, Walmart had a queue line set with a timer. Many gamers experienced issues with erratic times displayed on the timer.

Even if this happens, we advise that you wait in the queue. Some lucky customers got their PS5 even when the timer showed a one-hour wait time.

UPDATE: Latest Walmart PS5 Restock Disappoints Customer Yet Again – November 9

One additional tip we can give is to keep trying a few moments even if the site states the console is no longer available.

Walmart tends to drop stock in 10-minute patterns sometimes. Mind you, this is not always the case, but it is worth staying for a few extra minutes just in case.

Hopefully, this Walmart PS5 restock will be less problematic than the ones that preceded it.

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