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Walmart Offering PS5 Restock to Buyers Who Had March 14 Orders Canceled

It seems that Walmart is giving PS5 hunters another chance to buy their console after the retailer canceled orders in March.

Walmart is one of the most regular PS5 restockers on the market. Despite it now being almost a year and a half following the launch of Sony’s latest console, the PlayStation 5 is still widely unavailable in many regions.

Because of that fact, gamers are still jumping at the chance to purchase a ‘next-gen’ console the moment it becomes available. But unfortunately, those who took part in the Walmart PS5 restock on March 14 haven’t been having a good time.

Walmart Storefront

After waiting weeks for their order to dispatch, Walmart began canceling PS5 orders this week. Now, those customers who got their PS5 canceled are getting further word from the retailer.

But is Walmart able to offer a glimmer of hope to those still on the hunt?

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New Walmart PS5 Restock for Canceled Orders – April 2022

It seems that if you recently got a PS5 order cancelation from Walmart, you shouldn’t give up yet!

Many users whose orders were canceled are reaching out on the PS5restock subreddit, announcing that Walmart is offering them a second chance at a PS5.

According to reports, Walmart Customer Service is now getting in touch, informing users that they have another opportunity to purchase a console.

What’s more, those gamers who placed an order for the Digital version appear to be getting an upgrade to a Disc PS5 for no additional charge. Customers report that the console is currently showing up in their carts, so be sure to check your account!

PS5 Digital Edition

Although many users are having issues placing their order, multiple Walmart customers are confirming the ability to checkout. Customer Service queries seem to indicate that they are aware some users are currently unable to place the order, with claims that a fix is on the way.

Incidentally, those who successfully place an order are reporting that delivery is currently due on May 10-11. That’s quite a wait for the next-gen console, and we can only hope that Walmart doesn’t cancel orders again before then!

It’s nice that Walmart is offering its customers a second chance. However, it’d definitely be nicer if the retailer didn’t sell consoles that it didn’t have in stock to begin with.

If you’d prefer to avoid buying from Walmart again, don’t worry. It looks like a new Target PS5 restock is dropping next week with immediate access to the console.

Plus, we’ve got a new way for gamers to beat scalpers and find their PS5 with ease!

Check out the latest PS5 restock news here, with regular updates coming each week!

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