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Walmart+ PS5 Restock Confirmed for June 2

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Another PS5 restock is on the horizon for Walmart+ members!

PS5 consoles are still hard to get even though we are already inching towards its second anniversary.

Unfortunately, you still have to wait in a virtual queue or a line outside your local store to get a console during restocks.

The popularity of Sony’s latest hardware is still high. This has to do a lot with a wide variety of excellent games on PS5 coming from Sony and third-party studios.

Restocks are still happening, and running out of stock in minutes is still a common occurrence in these events.

Fortunately for those with a Walmart+, a shot to get a PS5 console is near in this upcoming restock!

PS5 Controller

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Walmart+ PS5 Restock Confirmed for June 2

Walmart recently announced an upcoming Walmart+ early access event that includes a PS5 restock for June 2. The restock is scheduled to start at 3 PM ET.

As usual with these restocks, you need to be a Walmart+ subscriber to participate.

However, make sure you are not on a trial membership, as this type of membership will not allow you to participate!

If you want to give this restock a shot and get your PS5 console from Walmart, you can use the following links:

If you want to participate in this PS5 restock, remember to be logged into your account with a Walmart+ subscription. Also, log in at least 10 to 15 minutes before the drop starts.

As well, keep in mind that retailers drop units in waves. So, keep in line and be patient even if you see PlayStation 5 is already out of stock.

If Walmart is not an option for you, there is still a Best Buy restock trick you can use to get your PS5!

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Dualsense controller PS5

Hopefully, this restock will bring enough PlayStation 5 stock for all the Walmart+ subscribers participating!

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