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Latest Walmart PS5 Restock Disappoints Customer Yet Again – November 9

Walmart keeps trying, but its PS5 restocks keep disappointing its customers.

The situation with current-gen console availability is slowly improving. Although, not to a point in which demand is met.

Gamers all around the world are still not able to easily get a PS5 console.

Retailers like Walmart are restocking as fast as they can. But, amidst this frenzy, restocks are not going as well as gamers would like.

This is especially true for Walmart. Lately, its PS5 restocks have been less than a desirable shopping experience.

Without a doubt, the latest PS5 restock at Walmart followed the same fate.

Walmart PS5 November Restock

Walmart’s PS5 Restock Was Plagued With Issues Once Again

Walmart announced a PS5 restock for November 9, and it was as disappointing as many expected.

Customers complained once again about the queue timer implemented. Namely, this timer was introduced in Walmart’s previous PS5 restock.

Multiple users complained about these timer issues during Walmart’s last PS5 restock.

This time around, the timer displayed a one-minute wait time and stayed stuck there for over 20 minutes, according to some upset customers.

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Other gamers complained about a similar timer issue present on the last restock.

The timer jumped directly to one hour of wait time and then informed customers there was no more stock available.

The timer also provided erratic times, slowly counting down just to reset itself minutes later.

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Some customers still believe that there is bot intervention, even though Walmart has implemented a queue system to avoid this.

Moreover, some customers pointed out how many times these Walmart PS5 restocks have ended in utter disappointment.

This is Walmart’s fourth PS5 restock in November, and none so far have left customers satisfied.

Even though the restock left many frustrated, some lucky gamers shared their joy after finally getting the PS5 during this Walmart restock.

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Notably, most of the fortunate customers who could get a console are getting delivery dates around November 25.

After the fourth continued strike, one thing is clear now. The retail giant has certainly not been able to keep pace with the high demand for PS5.

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Crystal Trunell

Saturday 13th of November 2021

Walmart sucks. Done with their crap. Done with Walmart forever!!!!!

Carla M Chandler

Saturday 13th of November 2021

I need a PS5,,for my grandson,,I dont know how to do all this stuff,just gave me the dam game poeple ,,over a year now I been trying,,,