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Walmart+ PS5 Restock Confirmed for April 19

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Walmart has confirmed that they will be having a PS5 restock event for all Walmart+ members this April 19.

Target and Gamestop have been the frontrunners when it comes to PS5 Restock events, but it seems that Walmart is getting an incoming shipment as well.

This isn’t their first restock event this year. Just recently, Walmart caught a lot of flack for hosting a Restock Event on March 14 and canceling a ton of the orders.

Thankfully, many customers were reached out to by Walmart’s Customer Support and allowed to purchase another console.

Hopefully, this restock goes a lot more smoothly. Here’s everything we know.

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PlayStation PS5 drop

Walmart Plus PS5 Restock – April 19

Customers that have a Walmart+ membership will be able to purchase a PS5 on April 19 starting at 12 PM ET.

Once the sale goes live, you will be transferred to a queue. Once it is your turn to purchase a PS5, you will receive an alert.

Sometimes the system will display that the PS5 is “Sold Out”, but customers have suggested that they were still able to purchase a PS5 by staying inside the queue.

Find out how to beat scalpers and find your PS5 to help you with this upcoming restock.

Walmart April 19 Restock

It is worth noting that this restock will be exclusive to paid Walmart+ customers.

The free trial won’t allow you to buy a console, so you must purchase the paid version for $12.95/month or $98/year in advance. Sign up for Walmart+ here.

Although this does not guarantee that you will be able to purchase a console.

The consoles will be available through the following links:

If you miss out on the PS5, then don’t panic! There will be plenty of restock events happening this week.

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Tuesday 19th of April 2022

I have a paid W+ membership, entered the line right at 12EST. It started at 10min estimated wait and stayed at 1min for an hour. Then it kicked me out. Bummer