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Walmart PS5 Orders Getting Big Delays Before Christmas 2021

It appears that Walmart customers might be disappointed with their recent PS5 orders after buyers report big delays.

It’s the festive season and gamers are still desperately trying to find a PS5 before Christmas. But unfortunately, the next-gen console is still in extremely short supply.

On top of that, even when you do find the device you’re after, PS5 orders are getting canceled with each passing week.

PS5 Console and Digital Edition

Yesterday, Walmart had a major PS5 restock, but some buyers are still waiting on their orders from back in November. Now, it appears that several Walmart PS5 orders are getting large delays ahead of Christmas 2021.

If you’re still on the hunt, here’s the best way to get a PS5 before Christmas 2021!

PS5 Orders Delayed After Walmart Restock

Despite Walmart just having had another PS5 restock, orders from November are getting delays.

Multiple buyers are currently venting their frustration online, after Walmart went live with another PS5 drop before their orders have even arrived.

Twitter user rychu79 attests that their PS5 order status hasn’t changed from ‘Placed’ since their purchase last week. But that buyer may actually be one of the lucky ones.

UPDATE: Several Walmart customers are getting their PS5 and Xbox Series X orders canceled!

Veronica Galindo reports big issues with their November 29 PS5 order, which has moved from ‘Placed’ to ‘Delayed’. Now, Walmart claims that the PS5 will arrive on December 16 but there’s no way to tell how accurate that really is.

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Meanwhile, one Reddit user claims that they also placed their order on November 29, only to have a delivery date that keeps getting delayed. At least in this buyer’s case, Walmart has handed the package off to FedEx which appears to be dealing with its own delays.

For all those still on the hunt, these retailers will be dropping the PS5 later this week!

And it seems like a Target PS5 restock could be one of your best chances at a next-gen console this holiday season.

Plus, you can now get your PS5 in a range of colors from black to pink!

Finally, don’t miss 3 days of PlayStation Direct PS5 restocks dropping this week.

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Comments 3


Mike F

Thursday 23rd of December 2021

Still waiting for mine from Sep 23rd order. It said Oct delivery, and on the actual estimated delivery date said it was delayed. Here it is Xmas eve and it is still "delayed". I've called probably 5 times, each time they assure it is next to go out, but doesn't seem to be true.

Jorge gonzalez

Wednesday 15th of December 2021

Not going by the walmart tracking. But by the FedEx tracking number. It's says that there is no time for delivery. It's somewhere in new Mexico.


Friday 17th of December 2021

@Jorge gonzalez, mines stuck in colorado