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Walmart In-Store Pickup PS5 Restock Flickering Availability

You might be able to get a PS5 at your closest Walmart during this in-store pick-up restock.

In-store restocks are getting more common lately.

GameStop hosted its first in-store PlayStation 5 restock last month.

In fact, the retailer is about to host its second in-store event in a couple of days.

Walmart seems to be catching up with this trend.

Although, the retail giant seems to be doing things a little bit differently than its competition.

Find out all of the upcoming PS5 restocks possibly happening this week (October 18-24).

Walmart In-Store Pickup PS5 Restock Details

Walmart is having PS5 units back in stock, but it is somewhat different than its usual restocks.

This time around, the retailer is selling its PS5 stock through a store pick-up only strategy.

At this moment stock has been flickering.

Namely, the PS5 Console product page is giving gamers an option to search for PS5 availability at their nearest stores or outright stating there are no more units available.

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Walmart In Store Pickup PS5 Restock Availability

Since this restock is location-bound, it will make it easier for many gamers to finally get their PlayStation 5.

Some lucky gamers are already celebrating getting their consoles through this Walmart PS5 in-store pickup restock.

Still looking for a PS5? Make sure to check our PS5 Stock Trackers for lightning-fast updates when new consoles go live:

GameStop is about to host its second in-store PS5 restock in case Walmart is not a viable option for you.

We also made a list of all the GameStop stores participating in this restock.

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