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Walmart Seemingly Hoarding PS5 Consoles Despite Unfulfilled Orders

PS5’s high demand has left Walmart with unfulfilled orders, and now there are rumors of the retailer seemingly hoarding consoles.

The current-gen consoles demand doesn’t seem to be dying down at all.

Currently, we are reaching the last quarter of 2021 and the restock situation has improved.

Although, even with a better picture than in previous months, PS5 scarcity is still an issue.

Some retailers are still affected by this.

Namely, Walmart is leaving many unfulfilled PS5 orders and now there are rumors of possible hoarding of consoles.

Walmart Hoarding PS5 Consoles Unfulfilled Orders Store

Walmart Seemingly Hoarding PS5 Consoles

This rumor has been running around for some time.

By the end of 2020, many were already complaining that Walmart was hoarding PS5 consoles and selectively selling them.

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As well, customers were pretty upset about how PS5 stock was being handled.

Many pointed out on Twitter that the console was in stock in several locations according to Walmart’s system, but it was not available online to purchase.

In essence, this led many to the theory that Walmart is hoarding PS5 consoles.

Additionally, another theory stated that employees were actually hoarding consoles to sell them after hours.

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All in all, fast forward to 2021 and the rumors continue.

A video on TikTok gained traction, showing a considerable amount of PS5 consoles on what is allegedly a Walmart warehouse.

Walmart Unfulfilled PS5 Orders Issues

Furthermore, some comments on this video pointed out that many gamers are upset mostly because of unfulfilled orders.

According to some comments, some customers are waiting for PS5 unfulfilled Walmart orders back from August.

Walmart Hoarding PS5 Consoles Unfulfilled Orders Comments

Moreover, Twitter users have also joined this complaint train, sharing their discontent.

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Also, Walmart Canada customers complained about unfulfilled PS5 orders.

Not long ago, customers also complained that Walmart was still pending to fulfill Nintendo Switch OLED orders.

In fact, the situation with the Switch OLED was so dire that Walmart was providing surprising advice to some customers.

With hoarding or not, one thing is clear, console scarcity is still a reality.

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Pete McPetePetePete

Thursday 21st of October 2021

Hey, guess what, do you know why we have them in distribution centers? Because we are selling them for Black Friday, the third Friday in November, in store only. Nothing to do with your orders. Use a little common sense.

Also, if we had so many, yes, we would totally sell them to each other for dealing with the hordes of maskless retards for a year and half. Sorry I guess?

Gamer mom

Tuesday 19th of October 2021

I placed my ps5 Walmart order on the 9/23 and still no update and it will be almost a month this week my order status has not changed should I just forget my son being able to get his console for Xmas??