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Walmart Early December 2021 PS5 Restock Orders Are Being Processed and Delivered Early

Some lucky Walmart customers woke up to a delightful Christmas surprise as their early December PS5 orders were processed or delivered early.

PS5 consoles are still scarce this Holiday season. Sony’s supply chain continues to improve. But, even though Sony manufactured more PS5 consoles, demand is higher than ever.

Fortunately, PS5 restocks remain strong this Christmas season despite supply issues. Retailers have done the best possible to deliver stock to gamers and not scalpers.

Many stores have implemented bundling strategies and even in-store events to ensure their stock lands in the right hands.

Walmart is one of these retailers that hosted December PS5 restocks. Fortunately for some gamers, these early December orders are finally moving along.

Customer Celebrate Walmart December Orders Being Fulfilled

Customers happily shared on Reddit and Twitter that their early December Walmart PS5 restock orders moved to the processing stage.

This update is excellent news as Walmart generally cancels orders before reaching the processing stage. This status change assures these orders are safe and will soon arrive at many happy gamers.

Customers from the December 13 Walmart restock celebrated as this drop, in particular, received a vast amount of order cancelations.

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According to gamers, this specific drop had some issues regarding order processing. One gamer stated that his PS5 arrived randomly at his house without changing to a processing status.

Additionally, the order arrived way before the stipulated January 2022 delivery timeframe.

Many gamers celebrated these early shipments as Walmart initially promised early January delivery dates. Certainly, this was a nice touch for all the Walmart December PS5 restock customers.

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Users on Reddit also shared similar stories. Many celebrated the status change in their order this morning.

Walmart customers constantly worry about orders due to the retailer’s recent track record. Aside from cancellations, many PS5 orders were getting big delays before Christmas.

Walmart’s December 13 PS5 restock was certainly a rollercoaster, but it has finally reached a happy ending for hundreds of lucky gamers.

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Comments 5


PS5 owner

Monday 27th of December 2021

That arrival date is always inaccurate…. It’s not an arrive on date…. It’s a arrives “BY” date… it can arrive anytime “BEFORE” the date that set…. It keeps from them from setting a specific date for arrival… then you can go into shipping issues if not received by that date set…


Sunday 26th of December 2021

I have ordered a ps5 in Nov.22 Still I'm waiting and I have called still a still it shows pending then it showed that it was delivered and then pending when I contact fedex they told me it was pending I think I'm still waiting on it and I have not received no notification When is should be arriving. Walmart is unresponsible And doesn't care but there was so quick to charge my credit card unbelievable

Dwayne O Blandon

Sunday 26th of December 2021

My ps5 i ordered from Wal-Mart wss stolen by FedEx


Sunday 26th of December 2021

How do I go by getting a ps5?


Sunday 26th of December 2021

@Tina, I downloaded and used the "hot stock" app to give me updates on PS5 stock and had to try for about 3 weeks before getting one. I also had to subscribe to Walmart+ to get in on early access.

It was a pain in the butt, however, it finally worked. Good luck to everyone still hunting!