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Walmart Cancels Many PS5 Cyber Monday Restock Orders, Customers Left Furious

Sadly for many gamers, their Walmart PS5 Cyber Monday restock experience just took the wrong turn due to order cancelations.

PS5 is still unfortunately out of stock. The console has already been out in the market for over a year.

Even after that amount of time, Sony has not been able to catch up with demand.

PS5’s reception is so massive that it recently outsold Wii U’s lifetime sales.

This situation has left retailers like Walmart with no option but to have sporadic restocks, some being successful and others rather a complete disappointment.

Unfortunately, Walmart’s recent Cyber Monday PS5 restock ended up leaving many dissatisfied customers.

Walmart Storefront

Customers Are Upset After Walmart PS5 Order Cancelation

Many gamers did not have a happy day after discovering that their Walmart PS5 order from the Cyber Monday restock had been canceled.

Today, many Walmart customers received a disappointing email. Walmart canceled a considerable amount of PS5 orders processed on Cyber Monday.

According to the gamers affected, this was due to quantity limits. The anger from many Walmart customers was palpable.

Especially from those who enrolled as Walmart Plus subscribers to participate in these restocks.

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Certainly, it is unfortunate to read a cancelation email after you have celebrated your win. However, many customers received this email but not without a cause.

Numerous gamers tried to purchase more than one console. This resulted in order cancelations for many as Walmart has a one console per customer policy in place.

This is a measure to avoid consoles landing on the hands of scalpers.

Of course, this was not the case for all cancelations. Many gamers received cancelations after purchasing a single unit purely because of insufficient stock on Walmart’s side.

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The parade of Walmart PS5 Cyber Monday restock cancelations went on and on.

Some customers did not hold back and openly expressed their frustration.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Walmart has canceled PS5 orders. Walmart’s Black Friday restock also resulted in PS5 canceled orders.

Lastly, if Walmart did not work for you, there is a way to get a direct invite to purchase a PS5. Learn how to get an invite email to a PlayStation Direct PS5 restock.

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Patty Sosebee

Thursday 9th of December 2021

We got ours it didn't even work. I already have to send it back. Don't know if Walmart or FedEx must have dropped it either way very sucky.


Friday 3rd of December 2021

Try building a PC. You're welcome.


Thursday 2nd of December 2021

That happen cause of the greedy assholes that want to buy a bunch to reselle for double the price . Jajajajajajajaj

Thursday 2nd of December 2021

Wii u was nintendos worst sold console of all time so your statement is stupid


Thursday 2nd of December 2021

The real problem is online ordering. Ship the dang consoles to the stores. 1 perhouse hold driver license required and entered into a data base and a computer system check to see if you got more than 1. Scalpers won't be able to get more than 2 or 3 with friends help and only 1 at a time.