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Walmart Allegedly Canceling Halo Infinite Xbox Series X Orders

It could be bad news for those fans who secured a Halo Infinite Xbox Series X from Walmart, as the giant retailer appears to be canceling orders.

Right now, we’re less than 2 weeks until the launch of the Limited Edition Halo Infinite Xbox Series X. Since its announcement, the exclusive hardware has been increasingly hard to get hold of.

Now, it appears that even those who already placed an order might not be safe from disappointment!

Halo Infinite Xbox Series X

Recently, Walmart has been having a bad time with next-gen drops. And it appears that the retailer may soon be canceling more Xbox Series X orders before release day.

If you’re still on the hunt, here’s where to buy the Halo Xbox Series X before November 15!

Walmart Cancels Limited Edition Halo Infinite Xbox Series X Purchases

Some users are reporting that Walmart is canceling their Halo Infinite Xbox Series X orders, weeks after placing it successfully.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Walmart cancel next-gen console orders.

The fact of the matter is that Walmart appears to sell consoles it doesn’t have yet. And that process might not work so well for an extremely limited drop like the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X.

Now, buyers are reporting that Walmart is canceling their Halo Xbox orders with no explanation.

After these Twitter users finally managed to secure their Halo Xbox Series X, the chance at a next-gen console has been snatched away, along with their orders.

Reportedly, Walmart isn’t giving buyers any reason for their new cancelation, suggesting that the store doesn’t have as much stock as it initially predicted.

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Lately, Walmart has been hoarding next-gen consoles despite orders going unfulfilled! Buying a next-gen system from the retailer is like putting yourself on a significant waiting list right now.

What’s more, we’re even getting new leaks about Walmart’s Black Friday sales early this year – and they include next-gen stock.

But with Halo Infinite Xbox Series X consoles going for insane money on eBay right now, it’s a real battle to get to drops before the scalpers do.

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Frank howell

Tuesday 23rd of November 2021

Funny.. I just ordered a xbox series x halo infinite console from Walmart 3 days ago and its already been shipped and I will be getting it no later then Nov 29th


Sunday 7th of November 2021