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Walmart Black Friday PS5 Restock Hinted at Online – November 26

Could Walmart have a restock for the PS5 on Black Friday? A new website listing certainly indicates so.

It’s been over a full year since the release date of the PS5 and the console is still notoriously difficult to come by. Now, as we arrive at the biggest retail day of the year, is the PS5 about to be available at Walmart?

The major retailer actually already went live with its early Black Friday PS5 deals, exclusively for Walmart+ members. These deals went live on Monday, November 22, and offered gamers a chance at next-gen consoles relatively easily.

PS5 Console Restock

We saw thousands of successful PS5 and Xbox buyers at Walmart already, but it appears that the company might not be done just yet! New evidence suggests that the PS5 could be preparing to go live again for Black Friday on November 26.

Will Walmart Have PS5 Stock on Black Friday?

Although Walmart already dropped a restock earlier this week, the retailer may have more PS5 drops on Black Friday!

Walmart isn’t directly confirming a PS5 restock for Black Friday just yet. However, there’s some interesting evidence that suggests a drop is on the way.

When searching for the PS5, Walmart’s website displays a yellow ‘Black Friday Deal’ tag next to the console. Of course, Walmart did already have a Black Friday PS5 deal earlier this week, so it’s not entirely surprising.

However, when looking at the Xbox Series X on Walmart‘s site, the same banner is not displayed, despite the Xbox also being part of Monday’s offerings. Could this mean that another PS5 restock is coming to Walmart this Black Friday?

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Walmart Black Friday PS5

If so, we might get some rather annoyed gamers – especially since Walmart canceled some PS5 orders earlier this week.

If the retailer were to go live again so soon, it might indicate that orders were canceled to ensure the company had sufficient stock for today.

Black Friday Xbox Series X Walmart

Then again, Walmart is also known for selling consoles it doesn’t have at the time.

Bear in mind that nothing is confirmed at this moment. However, we’ll be updating this article if new information arrives, be sure to check back soon.

UPDATE: Walmart has updated its product listings for PS5 and Xbox Series X. The restock will now be happening on Cyber Monday, November 29.

We’ve also got new information regarding where to buy a PS5 this Black Friday and Cyber Monday here!

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Robin Matthews

Sunday 28th of November 2021

I feel that SONY should of known that these games was going to cause alot of issues in selling out. I just hate it because News says its restocked and is always gone.

Stacy Olds

Saturday 27th of November 2021

How much for the xbox we had a house fire monday and lost everything my 24 year old daughter my 15 year daughter and my 14 year old son lost there xboxs we also lost all our Christmas presents all they want for christmas is a xbox we are staying in a hotel right now please no rude comments i donhave prove of my house fire if anyone can help me to make my kids Christmas wish come true i would be so so gratefull

John Grieger

Friday 26th of November 2021

Sorry, 12pm et on the 29th

John Grieger

Friday 26th of November 2021

Walmart site says PS 5 consoles will drop at 12pm et for W+ members. You can verify this by searching for PS5 on walmart site and clicking on the console. The blue print below the PS5 gives the sale details.