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Wall Glitches Are Ruining Warzone Season 3 in New Verdansk ’84 Map

Warzone players are having huge problems with wall glitches in the new map.

Warzone players are currently enjoying the new Verdansk ’84 map but it’s far from perfect. Players have found some new exploits that are ruining the game for many.

Wall glitches are when players find a spot where they can clip through walls, floors, or ceilings. This makes the player who is using the exploit invincible and invisible, while they can also shoot enemies.

Players have previously found wall glitches in Rebirth island that still haven’t been fixed. However, it looks like the new Verdansk ’84 map has a number of these game-breaking spots.

Warzone Season 3

Every Map Exploit in Warzone

The new Warzone map has given the game new a lease of life, as well as refreshed fan-favorite locations:

However, these map changes have brought a load of wall glitches into the game. In fact, players have found 3 major wall glitches in Warzone Season 3 so far.

Airport Wall Glitch

The first wall glitch that Warzone players discovered in Verdansk ’84 is in Airport. This is one of the many locations in Verdansk which have changed in Season 3.

Find out how to do the Airport wall glitch in Warzone.

Warzone Verdansk '84 Airport POI

Train Station Wall Glitch

Secondly, Warzone players are reportedly also exploiting a wall glitch in Train Station. Like the airport one, it involves finding a way into the walls and getting into a place where you cannot be seen or killed.

Luckily, most players die when attempting this but it is possible for people to land inside the building and exploit this wall glitch.

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Stadium Wall Glitch

Finally, the newly revamped Stadium is also the site of another frustrating wall glitch. The clip below shows a player underneath the stadium’s stand killing an opponent.

Hopefully, Warzone developer Raven Software sees these wall glitches and issues a fix to them soon. But, until then, you might want to stay away from these locations in Verdansk.

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Meanwhile, Warzone players love the new weapon balancing in Season 3. There are loads of viable options to use now.

However, this means that players are trying to find the next meta. Check out JGOD’s top 10 guns in Warzone Season 3.

Finally, it looks like Warzone has secretly gotten some huge SBMM changes.

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