In the Season 4 Roadmap, the Warzone developers told fans to expect a brand new Gulag for Vondel to release in Season 4 Reloaded. Now, early gameplay of this location has surfaced.

With the mid-season update, Warzone players will be treated to the addition of the regular Battle Royale mode for the game’s latest map. This, of course, includes an all-new Gulag experience.

Although we saw this Gulag in the Season 4 blog post, the true excitement comes from experiencing it firsthand. Thanks to this newly leaked footage, we can now observe more of the upcoming location, which resembles a beloved Gulag.

First Look at Vondel Gulag in Warzone

At first glance, the Gulag for the Vondel map appears to be symmetrical. It features a circular center, presumably for the flag if neither player gets the elimination.

Additionally, it resembles the original Gulag Showers from the first Warzone map, Verdansk. These maps contain three laneways with a focal center point.

This map will arrive in Season 4 Reloaded. This update will launch on either July 5, 2023, or July 12, 2023, with both these dates landing mid-season.

According to the Season 4 blog post, this new Gulag is “hidden deep within the more medieval parts of town.”

Warzone Players Excited About New Gulag

Keen-eyed players were quick to spot the similarities between this new location and the Gulag Showers, with many pointing out the apparent visual resemblance.

The apparent reskin appears popular with players, who are happy to see this Gulag return to Vondel.

One player believes this particular Gulag style is the only form that should exist, given that it doesn’t favor any individual player.

Despite previous criticisms regarding Call of Duty’s lack of innovation by including old maps, the reintroduction of Gulag Showers appears to be a welcome and favorable addition.

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