The Witch’s Book Easter Egg on the Vondead map in Warzone is pretty simple to complete. However, it is a very competitive challenge to finish.

This challenge can be completed by anyone on the map, making it incredibly tough to finish. For achieving this task, you will unlock a secret SO-14 “Witch’s Stick” weapon blueprint.

So, here is how you can get your hands on this weapon within Warzone.

Warzone Vondead Witch’s Book Easter Egg Walkthrough

To complete the Witch’s Book Easter Egg in Vondead, you need to play in Zombie Royale or Vondead Resurgence. Once in-game, you must:

  • Land at the far left hut in the Graveyard POI, as shown in the image below.
  • Enter the room and interact with the altar to activate the next step.
Vondead Witches Book Easter Egg Hut Location
  • As soon as you summon, you must quickly head to the windmill west of Stadium.
    • You must be as quick as possible, as once you press summon at the altar, the reward can be claimed by anyone in the match.
Windmill location
  • Go inside the windmill, where you will find a ceremonial symbol. Walk over to it, and the “Witch’s Stick” will spawn in the air.
  • Pick it up to claim your reward.
Witch's Stick Reward

To make it easier to complete, you could have one teammate land at the Graveyard to summon while you wait at the windmill. This way, you will waste no time in collecting the reward.

Once you have got yourself the “Witch’s Stick”, enter a new game and reverse the roles so your teammate can also get their hands on the weapon.

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