Vondead has arrived, and Easter Eggs are littered throughout the map, including this Chess Board challenge that gives you a secret unlock.

Figuring out Easter Eggs can be challenging, so we are here to guide you through all the steps to ensure you unlock the mystery reward.

Here’s how to complete the Chess Board Easter Egg and find the missing Knight in Warzone:

Warzone Vondead Chess Board Easter Egg Walkthrough

To complete the Vondead Chess Board Easter Egg, you must enter Zombie Royale or Resurgence on the Vondead map. From there, you have to:

  1. Land at the chess board in the bottom right of the map. It is in between the Stadium, Museum, and Exhibit.
    • Completing this challenge can be extremely tough as you play Battle Royale. It is likely players will attempt to eliminate you from the match.
    • We recommend playing Resurgence, as you will have the chance to respawn. Additionally, for the best chance at completing this Easter Egg, you should attempt it in matches where the chess board is far from the next zone.
Vondead Chess Board Easter Egg Location
  1. You will notice the Knight is missing on the black side of the board. You must find it and bring it back.
  2. There are 4 locations where the Knight has been found.
    1. North of the chess board, in the far right corner beside the Stadsbus stop.
    2. By the bridge towards the front entrance of the Museum. Drop down to the right of the bridge, and it will be in the corner.
    3. If not in spot 2, turn around, and it may be to the right of the red canopy in front of you.
    4. Take the bridge to the entrance of the Museum and turn left. Turn right when you reach the stairs and follow the path under the roof of the Museum to find the piece in the corner.
Knight possible locations Vondead
All possible Knight locations in Warzone
  1. Once found, walk up to the piece to make its eyes glow red and walk backward away from it.
  2. Continuing to walk backward towards the chess board while looking at the Knight.
  3. Occasionally, look back once you create distance from the Knight. It will only move when you are not looking at it.
    • If you look away for too long, the Knight will quickly catch up and touch you, disappearing and heading back to its original location, where you will have to start again.
    • Additionally, it will not move if you are too far away from it.
Vondead Chess Board Easter Egg Knight on the move
  1. Guide the piece into the missing spot on the chess board. Once in position, its eyes will turn green.
  2. For your efforts, you will earn a ton of in-game loot, which drops from the middle of the chess board. This includes:
    • Haunted Box
    • 2 Bloodseeker Grenades
    • $5000
    • Advanced UAV
Knight in position
  1. You will also receive the “Checkmate” weapon charm.
Checkmate weapon charm
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