Vitamins will give your Pokemon a major boost and they’re quite easy to come by in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet if you know where to look.

If you’re looking to give your team the edge in battle, you’ll want to stock up on supplies. Thankfully, the Paldea region makes Vitamins more accessible than past titles, and you can get your hands on them relatively early on in the game.

Of course, you probably won’t need to buy too many until you’re putting together a competitive team for online battles.

But, as experienced trainers will know, utilizing Vitamins properly can make all the difference at the highest level of Pokemon battling.

Where to Find Vitamins in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Vitamins can be purchased from the Chansey Supply stores for ₽10,000 each in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. However, these expensive items will only appear in the shop once a trainer has acquired 3 Gym Badges from the Victory Road path.

PP UP Vitamins, however, will only appear in Chansey Supply shops once players have seen the Scarlet & Violet credits roll.

Chansey Supply Store in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
Chansey Supply Store in Montenevera

And PP Max has only been discovered as a possible reward from the Academy Ace Tournament, unlocked after completing the game and defeating all 8 Gym Leaders in a rematch. Trainers enter the tournament by talking to the receptionist in the Academy.

You can also bid on Vitamins when they appear in the Porto Marinada Auction, to potentially nab them at a cheaper price.

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Chansey Supply stores can be found in the following locations in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet:

  • Cascarrafa
Chansey Supply Shop Cascarrafa
  • Levincia
Chansey Supply Shop Levincia
  • Mesagoza x2
Chansey Supply Stores Mesagoza
  • Montenevera
Chansey Supply Store Montenevera

They both appear on the map and can be identified via their distinctive green banners.

What Do Vitamins Do in Pokemon

Vitamins in the Pokemon franchise are single-use consumable items that can be used on a Pokemon to boost its Effort Values (EVs) for a stat by 10. Using a Vitamin (except PP Up & PP Max) on a Pokemon also provides a boost to that creature’s Friendship level.

Vitamins are primarily used for EV training, one of Pokemon’s most complex and time-consuming (though extremely rewarding) processes. With it, you can boost your team’s strength to its fullest!

Here’s our full guide to EV training in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet!

All Vitamin Effects in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Here’s a breakdown of every Vitamin in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, and what using it on a Pokemon does in-game:

HP UpAdd 10 HP EVs
ProteinAdd 10 Attack EVs
IronAdd 10 Defense EVs
CalciumAdd 10 Special Attack EVs
ZincAdd 10 Special Defense EVs
CarbosAdd 10 Speed EVs
PP UpRaises PP of Move by 1/5 of move’s base PP
PP MaxRaises PP of Move by 8/5 of move’s base PP

Get your hands on more of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s rarest items below:

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