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Video Proves RICOCHET Anti-Cheat is Working in Warzone

The new anti-cheat took a while to take flight but a new video confirms RICOCHET is working and cheaters’ days are numbered in Warzone.

Every major update brings a flood of new players jumping to try out the popular battle royale. And being free to play, most cheaters feel there’s nothing to lose.

Along with the Pacific update, Activision also released a new anti-cheat to combat the growing cheaters in Call of Duty titles. The brand new RICOCHET anti-cheat works on the kernel level and with time, learns the cheating patterns.

However, a new video clearly shows that cheaters will have a hard time killing anyone with the new anti-cheat in place.

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ricochet anti cheat removing cheaters from warzone

Warzone Cheater Does No Damage as Their Bullets Dont Register

Earlier this week, Dr Disrespect was slamming the RICOCHET anti-cheat and calling it a scam. Now, a clip of popular streamer JoeWo shows a hacker emptying their mag on the player but to no avail.

JoeWo landed on the Peak, one of the best loot spots in Caldera, and was getting shot by a player from a distance. Despite the bullets constantly hitting them, as indicated by the red markers, the player did not lose their health.

As evident from the video, this left the player baffled, only to realize what’s really happening after a few seconds.

“This guy’s cheating. He hit me like 50 times and my health didn’t go down. That is proof that cheaters are getting Silent Aim where their bullets aren’t reg’ing,” said JoeWo.

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warzone anti cheat removing cheaters

Most fans believe this is a big win for the new anti-cheat and hope to see cheaters removed from Warzone altogether. Luckily, this might happen sooner than expected as Activision is already going after the biggest Warzone cheat provider EngineOwning.

Also, if you run across any cheaters in your matches, make sure you improve your aim and accuracy in Warzone to increase your chances of taking them out.

Even though a lot of Warzone players feel snipers aren’t meta, few in the community are testing out their own loadouts and feel that the snipers are strong in Caldera.

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Tuesday 1st of March 2022

Is this a paid by activision article? Anyone whose played recently knows its not working... like at all!!!


Wednesday 19th of January 2022

It's not working, jump around and still getting head shots and know right where I'm at