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Video Proves Battlefield 2042 Hit Reg Issues

It is no secret that Battlefield 2042 has been experiencing hit reg issues since launch, but now there is video proof of it.

Battlefield 204 experienced a rocky development and a problematic launch.

The game reception by fans was so poor that it was review bombed in Steam a few days ago.

Fans of the series have been clamoring for updates and changes since the game beta. So far, some issues have been fixed while others remain.

Hit reg is one of the issues gamers have raised. Although, this particular problem has not yet been eliminated.

Battlefield 2042 Hit Registration Issues Video (1)

Battlefield 2042 Hit Registration Issue Is Caught on Video

Hit registration is a known issue in Battlefield 2042, and a gamer has captured a video proving the severity of this issue on a match.

Youtuber Jackfrags recorded this glitch in action. During the match, you can see how he aims and shoots accurately but misses every single shot.

According to the Youtuber, this happened to him in a bot server he prepared. In particular, this happened when there was a lot of action on screen and multiple particle effects.

Of course, this makes for a terrible experience in any competitive shooter.

UPDATE: A fix has been found for Battlefield 2042’s hit registration issues!

EA Addressed Hit Reg in Battlefield 2042

Recently EA rolled out a significant update for Battlefield 2042. In addition to this update, it also stated another substantial update is planned for early December.

This recent update did improve spread-related issues with some weapons. Fixing this considerably improved overall gunplay in the game.

Fans also provided their opinion on this matter. The consensus is that it will be some time before this issue is resolved.

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Unfortunately, fans seem to be correct. Hit registration is not going to be an easy fix on Battlefield 2042.

EA already addressed this bug before. In a blog post, the publisher explained that this was hard to reproduce.

Also, EA stated a solution is in the works, but there is no deadline for it.

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As negative reviews continue to pile on, time will tell if EA can fix all these issues before fans lose interest in the game.

Fans even urged DICE to take back control from EA as they lose patience waiting for urgent fixes.

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